Video: How to Remove Sod and Vegetation

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Video Length: 2:52
Produced by: Steve Aitken, Danielle Sherry, Gary Junken, Kate Geruntho Frank, Cari Delahanty

When you're starting any kind of garden, you will need to remove the existing vegetation in the area. Some common methods you may read about are digging, tilling, smothering, and applying herbicides. We don't recommend applying herbicides, especially when you're starting a vegetable garden. Tilling has its pros and cons (which are outlined in the video), and digging, while simple, is exhausting for most people.

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Smothering is probably the safest and easiest way to remove vegetation, though it takes the longest. Simply lay down newspaper where you want your bed to be, cover it with mulch, and wait a season for the newspaper to smother the grass and weeds.

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