When the Gardener Goes on Vacation, What Happens to the Plants?

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Ruth Ruth Dobsevage, member
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Even gardeners give in to wanderlust from time to time. If your summer vacation takes you away from your garden for a week or more, your veggies don't have to suffer.

Here are some strategies I've found useful:

• Plan your vacation to avoid peak planting season and peak harvesting season.

• Get everything in good shape before you go. Weed, water, prune, clean up, tie up tomatoes, net and/or pick berries.

• Make a list of chores, but don't be too fussy. You don't want to overburden your helper.

• Invite a neighbor or a friend to stop by and harvest during your absence. If you don't, the unpicked produce will spoil, and plants will go to seed and stop producing.

• Give this person a garden walk-through. Explain what is growing where. If this person is new to gardening, show him or her what will be ripe, and explain how to pick it. Stress the importance of not stepping in the beds and of closing the gate securely.

• If your plants are in containers, you need to arrange for regular watering as well. Watering may also be needed for in-ground gardens, especially for raised beds.

• Pray for rain (but not too much).

No one will take care of your garden exactly as you do, so don't aim too high. Your goal should be to keep your plants alive, so that when you return, there will still be plenty of fresh veggies to eat.

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