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It's winter and nature is sleeping. The scenery outside is quite unpleasant – grey and dull. You probably dream of walking under the warm sun in a big garden. Right now you can't do it but there is а way to brighten up the colourless winter days. Make your own miniature garden.

There is a large variety of types and forms to choose from for your garden. You can make it look like a mountain or like woodland. You can use spring flowers, autumn foliage or air plants. You can put some rocks or even make miniature benches or chairs. The final result should be pleasing for the eyes.

The supplies you will need can be found in your garden shed or at the local flower store. You can make the miniature garden of your dreams in less than an hour.

The first thing you will need is a ceramic pot or another kind of container. But finding the right size can be quite tricky. You don't want it to be too big since you will make a mini garden. The perfect diameter of your pot should be around 40cm. It's important to provide drainage. If you want to make a higher landscape you can fill half of the container with drainage materials.

The next thing to do is to fill your container with compost. You can make a mix of different composts to make a good basis for your plants. Don't worry if you overfill the pot with compost. You will take some of it out in the process.

Now you can start modeling your miniature garden. It can be difficult to make it look attractive but don't give up. A useful tip is to use tufa for extra planting space. Let your imagination run wild and build mountain peaks, meadows and other. Try to make it as close as you imagine it.

Before you start planting your greens here are some useful tips from Bristol gardening experts:

  • Don't give plants too much space. Plant them close and compact.
  • Your herbage don't need feeding. Just water when needed
  • If your plants grows too big take them out. They can ruin your scenery
  • When you begin to plant, take the new flower out from its container, shake of all the soil, and form the roots like a thin carrot. This way it's easier to place it in small spaces.

If you are good at taking care of bonsai trees you can try planting one in your garden. After that plant baby tears around it to imitate ground cover. You can plant a variety of small flowers or fern. Choose from any small plants like Scilla, Sedum, Saxifrage, Primula, etc, etc. They will enjoy the mini garden conditions and won't have any problems with small space.

When you are done with planting you can proceed to decorating. You can buy some decoration or use doll accessories or even make your own. Make small benches or chairs from wood or toothpicks. You can add a little pond made from a small pot. Another idea is to make a pathway from pebbles or seashells. It looks nice, right?


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