Plant a Strawberry Garden!

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Vertical Strawberry Growing KitClick To Enlarge

Vertical Strawberry Growing Kit

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There is nothing more delicious than lush, flavorable, aromatic, home grown strawberries. Their grocery store cousins cannot compare. But home grown strawberries are not only delicious, they are also fun and easy to grow. Creating your strawberry garden will provide you with years of wonderful berries and enjoyment.

One of the easiest way to plant a strawberry garden is to purchase a strawberry growing kit from Stack. Grow. Eat. Their kit features 5 vertical tiers and 20 Eversweet Strawberry plants. Here's how easy it is to set up their kit: 

To begin, fill your pots with a premium potting mix. This will produce the best tasting berries hands down. Don't skimp and use compost or soil in your strawberry garden as they will compact in the pot too much. Premium potting mix will stay light and fluffy allowing the roots to get sufficient air and hydration.

Plant your stawberry plants in each of the planting locations or "clovers" of the pot. Your vertical garden has five pots with four planting locations or "clovers" per pot. This will give you the ability to plant twenty strawberry plants. Be sure to set the plants so that their roots are covered with the potting mix but not the central growing bud or "crown". It is very important to make sure the crown gets air and sunlight. If not it could cause the plant to rot. 

Water in your plants well and don't let them dry out. Put your strawberry garden in a place that is sunny all day and convenient to hand water everyday during the warm growing season. Rotate your pots if needed to make sure all plants get sufficient light. Your plants will grow quickly and will begin to bear flowers within a few weeks. Once the flowers open you can expect ripe fruit in about 30 days. Let the berries stay on the plant a couple of days after they turn brilliant red. This will increase their sweetness.

Fertilize every week or two with a good quality herb and and vegetable food. This will provide your strawberry plants with the proper nutrients and stimulants to accelerate growth.

Begin harvesting your berries about two days after they become vine ripened. Pick them in the morning when they are cool and consume right away or refrigerate. Pick your good berries first before handling any rotten ot diseased berries. This will prevent spreading any diseases around the garden. Only wash them when you are ready to eat them as this will help them retain better flavor and firmness and discourage rot. Freeze or dry any extra berries.

Strawberry plants will produce runners though Eversweets do not produce a lot of them. However, you should clip these runners or new plants and plant a few in the garden each year. Any extras you have you can give them to your friends or plant in other containers. This will keep your garden going year after year. 

Your strawberry plants will die back in the winter but with proper care they will come roaring back in the spring. You can winter your strawberries in the pots in zones 7 and south but they won't look pretty so be prepared to move them out of sight. In cold climates, consider moving to a garage or place out of the extreme cold.

Growing your strawberry garden will be a fun rewarding experience for the entire family and will provide you with many years of lush, flavorable berries. Get started soon and you will be enjoying the garden in full by spring!


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