Living Clean And Green...But Are You Really?

comments (0) February 16th, 2015

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Thyme oil based cleaners kill germs the natural way.Click To Enlarge

Thyme oil based cleaners kill germs the natural way.

In a world that is full of chemicals, pesticides and other harmful substances, living clean and green can be a hard task. One of the pest ways to shield yourself and your family from these dangers is to control your food source as much as possible. Products and produce from the grocery store and even from roadside stands can be loaded with pesticides and other chemicals meant to make them look more perfect and colorful, last longer on the shelves or travel well when shipped across the country or globe. Much of our produce comes from foreign counties where farming practices may be less than ideal. And, unfortunately, just because something is stamped "Certified Organic" doesn't necessarily mean that that is 100% clean.  Growing even a small amount of your food helps hedge your bet against exposure.

But what about all the other products that we use on a daily basis? Products such as shampoos, soaps, household cleaners and laundry products. We come in contact with a whole host of chemicals everyday. Even products that we use in an effort to protect ourselves from one thing, like germs, can be harmful to us in other ways. A good example of that is antibacterial products such as soaps and hand sanitizers which contain antibacterial agents such as triclosan and triclocarban. While these chemicals do kill bacteria, they also provide an environment where mutated resistant bacteria can survive. Many experts believe this is dangerous and is leading to the emergence of powerful, resistant bacterias. In fact, recently released data suggests these products may be causing the growth of "superbugs",  bacteria that is resistant to antimicrobial agents and cause dangerous infections that cannot be treated with available antibiotics.

With the emergence of this alarming data several companies have taken on the task of producing products that clean and kill germs with out harmful chemicals. In fact, botanicals have long since been natures way of providing protection against organisms and bacteria. One such company is CleanWell. According to their website, they developed a suite of products built around natural thyme oil instead of harsh chemical cleaners. These products are not only easy on the human body but on the environment as well. From hand-sanitizers to soaps to commercial cleaning products, this company is a leader in developing products that are free of harsh chemicals.

So, while it is important to be careful about what goes in our mouths, it is also important to understand the risks to our good health and the health of our families in our immediate environment. With a little research and awareness we can live a cleaner, greener, healthier life!

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