Get Ready For Spring!

comments (0) February 17th, 2015

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Though it is still cold and snowy outside in some parts of the country spring is right around the corner. Here in the deep south we are nearing the end of our winter as our traditional last frost is around February. We can start our spring planting with abandon but our northern cousins shouldn't feel left out. 

Even in the northern climes there are veggies you can begin growing even weeks before the last frost. Cool season vegetables can grow well during the cool temperatures of early spring and fall and are not adversely affected by the reduced sunlight of the shorter days. Some vegetables such as kale actually benefit and become more flavorable when they are touched by a bit of frost. Lettuce, collards, snow peas, cabbage and broccoli are a few cool season vegetables. Vegetables such as okra, squash and tomatoes require the long, hot days of summer to grow.

If you are growing from seed you can begin now indoors in the north. By the time your plants are ready to transplant to your larger garden you will most likely have good growing temperatures for cool weather plants. Spinach, kale, arugula, swiss chard and lettuces will all be candidates for your cool weather garden. Though these are fairly hearty it is important to remember that you should protect them from a prolonged, hard freeze. One of the advantages vertical gardens such as the ones form Stack. Grow. Eat. is the ability to easily unstack them and put them in a protected place or cover them adequately. 

Don't wait to start your garden just because it is still cold outside. A bountiful garden takes a little planning and preparation so don't fall behind. Get your seeds sown or plants in the soil if you are in the south! This year could be your best harvest yet!

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