When moving into a new home, take time to assess the landscaping

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Australians are a restless bunch. They change move locations with a frequency that would tire a migrating songbird.

But there is more to moving day than unpacking boxes; there's also learning to care for that garden inherited with the new home.


If you were thinking ahead, you asked for an inventory of the plants and accessories that came with the house.


"There's no problem with asking owners for a list of landscape items and for an explanation about the plantings," said Shirley French, an agent with the Woodstock, Va., office of Funkhouser Real Estate Group. "Usually, the owners are more than happy to give you a list. In fact, if they know the purchasers are interested, that will make for good feelings on both sides."


Gardening priorities are determined mostly by the seasons. You won't be mowing the lawn in February, although you might be combing the seed catalogs.


But where to start with a newly purchased property?


Michael Becker, president of Estate Gardeners Inc. in Omaha, Neb., suggests that putting safety first.

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