Using an Old Rug or Carpet as Garden Mulch.

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If you're young and lazy, old and feeble, or just plain busy, you can reap a rich garden harvest on slim expenditures of time and physical exertion by putting a rug in your produce patch at garden mulch. What's more, this gardening method requires no tilling of the soil, no cultivating, no weeding, and no machinery in the form of tractors or gas powered tillers. The technique will allow you in a matter of hours to start a vegetable plot that will literally maintain itself, even on tough sod. Only the fall frosts will put an end to such a garden's unattended productivity.

Most of the few things you'll need for this "no work" way of gardening can be found at residential curbsides on rubbish disposal days or in the town dump: one or more discarded rugs, a knife, a spade, a wheelbarrow and-if it's available-some compost or manure.

Spread the carpet or carpets bottom-side-up on your garden site in the fall or at least a month before planting time in the spring. The covering will soon choke out all the grass and weeds beneath it, eliminating the need to plow or till the soil.

When you're ready to plant, cut one-foot squares from the rug. For tomatoes, space the squares three feet apart in rows three feet apart. Separate the planting holes by two feet in each direction for green peppers, cucumbers and cantaloupes. Remember to leave a broad margin of carpet around the edges on which the cucumber, melon and other vines may spread. Story by Total Carpet Cleaning

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