Fast Growing Vegetables for Your Garden

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Unless you have a greenhouse, you don't get to grow a lot of fruits and veggies during the cold season. Now, when the weather is getting warmer, the gardening enthusiasts can't wait to plant and grow their own greens. Here are some fast growing veggies that are ready to eat in just a month.


Most of you are familiar with the crisp red round radishes. You can find them in every grocery store and use them for salads. But did you know this rooted vegetable grows really fast? Radishes go from seed to maturity in only 24 days! They are really easy to grow and in less than a month you can enjoy their tasty red fruits.

How to grow: First you need to prepare the soil. Dig holes that are up to 15cm deep. After this place the seeds inside and make sure they are around 2cm apart. Cover with dirt and water gently. Make sure you provide this quick growing veggie with aqua weekly, and leave the rest to the radish seeds. When the roots mature, they are ready to be harvested. If you leave them in the ground for too long, radishes tend to overgrow and crack.

Green Onions

Who doesn't like the fresh smell of green onions? They are perfect for salads and cooked dishes. They are the fastest growing vegetables on Earth, but they form rather quickly. It takes 60 days for the onion bulbs to form, however you can harvest the tops in a month. A lot of people prefer them instead of the bulky bulbs.

How to grow: It's really easy and quick to grow green onions. Just make small holes, around 10-15cm apart, and place onion seeds or use old bulbs. Cover with soil and water. After a week or two you will notice green shoots coming out from the ground. Let them grow taller and after that you can harvest them. You can enjoy the taste of the fast growing green onion, while the buds mature for later use.


Now this is the perfect crop for a fast-moving garden. If you love to munch on baby spinach, you are lucky. Most spinach varieties can be harvested in 28 days. The dark green leaves are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. Why spend money on it when you can easily grow it in your garden, or even in containers?

How to grow: Unlike other vegetables, the fast growing spinach can thrive both in shade and in full sun. This quick-moving vegetable loves moist, nitrogen-rich soil. The secret to rich spinach crops is to sow the seeds as soon as possible in spring. You can plant the seeds as early as 6 weeks before the last frost date in your area. You can even choose a place with a bit of shade. Sow the seeds in shallow holes, around 5cm apart. After a month or so you can harvest the fresh baby spinach leaves. Pretty quick, right?

Leaf Lettuce

One of the all time cool-season favourites is the leaf lettuce. There are all kind of lettuce varieties, but this is the most popular one. This quick-growing vegetable can be planted both in containers and in the garden. You can forget about running to the store for fresh salads and grow your own crispy leaf lettuce.

How to grow: This leafy fast growing vegetable can be grown in any garden. You can even plant in in containers on your balcony. With regular watering, enough shade from the sun, and succession planting, you can enjoy the taste of homegrown lettuce throughout the whole year. According to gardeners around Witney, this fast-moving green requires humus-rich, well-drained soil with plenty of nitrogen. You can use lettuce seeds or seedlings. Sow the seeds in rows, 5-10cm apart. Do it about a month before the last frost date in your area. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will be able to enjoy fresh green lettuce. Just remember to water regularly and protect from and sudden sold weather.


Salads won't be the same without arugula. You can easily recognize it because of its distinctive, nutty, aromatic note. This tasty green is one of the fastest growing vegetables you can find. You can harvest green baby leaves 21 days after you sow the seeds. You can make arugula a frequent member of your quick-moving garden or plant in boxes and place them near your kitchen window.

How to grow: Arugula, also called roquette and rocket, is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Sow the seeds in early spring. Work up the soil and make rows that are around 20cm apart. Leave 10cm between the holes and place the seeds inside. After 4 weeks you can harvest the baby leaves for salads. After a few more weeks you can pick the mature arugula plants. Just remember to provide enough water, because this fast-paced vegetable bolts quickly in dry, hot weather.

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