Fresh Flower Salad For Spring

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This is how your flower salad might look like if you put a little effort in it.Click To Enlarge

This is how your flower salad might look like if you put a little effort in it.

  It's time for you to get sophisticated and extravagant in your kitchen, because we know you're reading this article in attempt to impress someone as exquisite who's joining you for dinner tonight and who also happens to be vegan or vegetarian(as most classy people these days are). The idea is you will prepare something that they haven't tried, yet suits their diet perfectly and ism in fact, delicious.

"B-b-but what about the ingredients for such dish, where do I find something as extravagant here?"

It's pretty simple – in your garden!

"What? No one is impressed by potatoes and tomatoes anymore..."

We know that, dummy. That's why you're aiming for the flowers! There are tons of edible flowers you can use in your recipes that will enhance the taste and let you brag about it for at least half an hour(a traditional opening intro for your dinner, while snacking on some appetisers).

Here, we'll point out a couple of dishes involving flowers, with which you can keep your refined guests satisfied and pleased, in case your salary depends on it.

NOTE: We're keeping it salady because summer is coming and freshness is needed in the menu. Here are some flowers you can throw in a dish, add a little vinegar and enjoy the magic:

1.Tropaeolum – Considerably amongst the most delicious flowers. It has a specific not-so-spicy taste, where it's also slightly sweetish. The name means "nose-twister". Cool thing about this plant is it contains the most lutein(healthy stuff for your eyes) ever found in an edible flower. Unlike the others from this list, where you can only use the petals, all of this plant's parts are edible, meaning you can just wrench it from the ground and stuff it up your throat like a true warrior. Manly stuff.

Culinary advice for pros: sip a little vinegar after just to flavour it up like it was supposed to be if you weren't a savage.

2.Centaurea cyanus(cornflower; bluebottle)

This was John F. Kennedy's favourite flower. For its aesthetics we're assuming. But it would also be a great part of your flower-salad, as it has a common cucumber flavour and is also blue. Blueish salads are rare these days and appear fancy. We advice you use it as an addition rather than a main ingredient though.

3.Pot marigold

Coming in all shades of yellow and orange these plants should be used carefully in the spring salad, for they possess a slightly sharp taste. And remember – with these you should only use the petals. The leaves are edible as well, but not that delicious at all. Culinary speaking you can add this flower just for colour to your salad.

Fun fact - Pot Marigolds are widely used in skin-protecting cosmetics.

4.Dianthus caryophyllus(clove pink; carnation)

Again – just the petals! Rather beautiful flowers with rather variable taste – from sweet and spicy to bitter, which is funny because they became the main component of the operetta "Bitter Sweet". But, perhaps that's because the green carnation became the symbol of homosexuality at some point in time, and not because of the taste.

Anyway It's a good practice to try them out before throwing them in the flower-salad. In case you want to grow them at your place most gardening specialists advice you to choose a sunny place, with a well drained soil, where they can freely "feel pretty and witty and gay". Just in case - "gay" in the last sentence stands for happy.

5. Garden Pansy

Extremely well known flower for its visual appearance. But, hey, apparently it's edible as well. This is the perfect plant for you to romantically bring to your girlfriend and then, even more romantically, have a fresh salad out of the bouquet for you guys to enjoy together under the moonlight.

All the plants from the genus are edible and have a flavour that very much resembles lettuce. Very good combo with the cornflower. Adding this flower to your spring salad will make it complete.

Note from the author – It's not necessary to mix all the aforementioned flowers in one dish. Taste is subjective and I suggest you firstly try every single one of them and only after finding out how they actually taste like, you could come up with different varieties of your spring salad.

Bon Appetit!

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