Keep it Growing with Floating Row Covers

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After suffering from the worst winter New England has seen in the last 20 years, its time to start planting spring crops. While still being in an unsettled weather pattern, and below normal temperatures, floating row covers can provide that extra protection and give you a jump on getting the most out of your garden. Agribon Row covers are used by commercial growers and are known to be incredibly effective. Knowing this, row covers should be a gardening tool that is just as valuable as your favorite shovel.

Row Covers are simple, just a piece of lightweight, fabric spun-bonded polypropylene or polyester. Simple is desgin but multifunctional in spring, summer, and fall. They provide frost protection during the spring and fall, extending your gardening season by up to 30 days or more in spring and fall. In the summer, it can be used to ward off insects and birds, protect new seedlings, and providing the gardener with a very effective organic pest control. Who likes spraying and eating chemicals anyway?

Weights matter! Light-weight , Medium-Weight, and Heavy-Weight covers are availabe, but a middle-weight cover will take care of your needs throught the year as long as your not winter gardening. Lightweight covers offer nothing more than organic pest control and not much else. Heavyweight covers can often be too heavy with rapid spring warm ups traping heat underneath causing more harm than good. Agribon AG19 is a .55oz Medium-weight cover which is the industry standard. The company name is printed down the center of the cover which allows you to center the cover over the row for even coverage. A great idea, rather than having to guess where the center is.

There are many ways to install your row cover. Anything that can be bent into a study U shape will work. Heavy Guage wire, PVC Pipe, or fiberglass driveway markers. After bent into a U shape, you can simpley cover the edges with soil, use 6" fabric staples, bricks, or anything else you have handy. Securing the row cover to the bent U supports with clothes pins will help keep it in place when you go to harvest your crops. Thats it! It's really that simple. Due to the row cover being lightweight, it let air flow through, along with moisture from rain. No need to keep lifting it up to water, just keep it covered until your ready to harvest.

After using a floating row cover for your spring and fall vegetables you will wonder what you ever did without it, and your neighbors will be green with envy!

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