6 Steps to Installing a Water System in Your Home

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If hard water is giving you a difficult time, then you probably need to install a water system in your home. Not only do whole house water filtration systems help reduce lime scale build-up and provide every faucet in your house with chlorine-free water that tastes good, but the installation process is also a breeze. With H2O drink-ability in mind, here are six easy steps to installing a salt-free water filtration system in your home.

1. Drain the Pipes Before you begin any home improvement project, it's important to know each and every part of the process. Although most water filtration systems are easy to install for DIYers, a certified installer is always recommended. With that said, the first step of installing a whole home water filtration system is shutting off the water supply at the main. Your home's water main is either located in your basement or next to your curb in the water meter box. Once you've shut off the water supply, turn on a kitchen or bathroom faucet until the tap runs dry.

2. Choose a Location Location is everything when it comes to the installation of your water system. You need to take two factors into consideration: accessibility and the filter's position within your existing pipes. Due to the ease of accessibility, many people choose either their garage or their basement for the water system's location. You need to also make sure to install the filtration system on the first pipe running from the water main to your home. This will ensure all the water running to your home is filtered. If you install the system at a midpoint, only a portion of the faucets within your home will benefit from the filtration system.

3. Mark the Location and Cut the Pipe Once you drain the pipes and find the perfect location, it's time to cut out the appropriate length of existing pipe to accommodate your new water filtration system. If you're using a salt-free water softening addition then you need to make sure there's room for the add-on as well. Keep in mind that although you've shut off the water main and drained the pipes, there is still remaining water in your system. So, as you cut through the pipe, make sure you have a bucket handy to catch any access water.

4. Attach the System's Fittings Your new water system will come with pipe fittings that attach to the ends of your existing pipe. Some fittings are compression-style and some require flux and soldering, so it's important to have the proper tools on hand depending on the required fittings. In addition, it's important to install shutoff valves on both ends of your new water system. Shutoff valves allow you to turn off the flow of water to the filter during filter changes without having to shut off the water main and drain all the pipes in your house.

5. Install the Filtration System Now it's time to install the new whole house water filtration system itself. For larger filtration units and water softening add-ons, it important to support the system from the ground up as opposed to letting them hang from pipe. For smaller, filter-only units, no additional support is needed. While installing the filtration system, pay close attention to the flow arrows. Flow arrows display the direction the water should flow from the inlet and outlet ports in your water filtration system. All arrows should point in the direction that your water flows from the water main into your home.

6. Check for Leaks Once your new whole house water filtration system is installed, it's time to turn the water main back on and check for leaks at all of the new pipe connections. In case there is an unforeseen leak, make sure both shutoff valves on either side of your water system are in the "off" position until you're present and able to closely inspect the area. If you do find a leak, shut off the water main again, drain the pipes, and recheck your connections.

According to http://amscainteriors.co.uk When it comes to filtering the water in your house, it's plain to see that installing a water system in your home is easier than you might think.

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