The Big Lawn Care Questions Every Gardener Asks (Answers inside)

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The Perfect LawnClick To Enlarge

The Perfect Lawn

For some people it comes a part of life where you get the privilege to own a garden. Some find it as a blessing, others - as a burden. All and all, having a garden, or at least a lawn to care for, is a responsibility and the young gardeners have plenty of questions to ask.

Let's concentrate more of the lawn care. And just to be clear - caring of your grass doesn't end with mowing it.

How To Look After Grass?

First of all - your lawn needs different maintenance in the different seasons. Winter is not very hard - you basically need to stop mowing and just clean your yard from leaves. Like always, remove your pests - worms and moles. And finally, make sure that the soils can breath. Use a fork.

Spring is the hardest season. This is where you have to do most of the work.

First of all - you will need to clean your lawn from all the debris. Now would be the prefect time to start mowing the grass. Because it's your first time since the autumn, you need to cut no more than 1/3 of the plant height. When it starts growing faster, then you can lower the mower.

It's the beginning of the gardening season, so you need to give your plants plenty of food. Your grass needs nutrients to start growing strong and healthy. So feed it regularly!

By giving the proper nutrients you inevitably are feeding the weeds too. Weeding time. Usually you will have just a few different types of weeds in you yard. This means you can use special killers for each type. They won't harm your grass. If you have the spare time and want to be on the safe side - do it manually. Remember - always remove the weed from the roots.

Finally - after the long and wet winter, you might have a problem with moss. There are special moss killers you can use. After that use rake or a mechanical scarifier.

Of course, there are other viral things you can do, but those are the most essential. This is basically how you you look after a lawn.

How to Kill Weeds in Grass?

We mentioned it above, but there are many questions around this topic. You see, many people are scared to use chemicals to remove the weeds, because it might harm the grass/plants. If you are using the wrong ones, yes, the chance is big. And we all know that hand weeding might take you many, many hours. So what's the solution?

The basic answer is - mow the lawn regularly. Don't cut it too short, like some "gurus" might tell you. Just regular mowing and that's it.

Yet, sometimes some wild plants decide to infest your beautiful yard. A mowing machine won't do the trick.

There are weed killers which are not harmful for your lawn, but very dangerous for pest plants. You just mix it with the water when you are spraying and hope for the best. There might be some side effects, of the effects might not be as strong as you want.

Or you can hand-pick the weeds by hand. Yes, it's hard, but it's a sure thing. You remove the whole plant from the roots and prevent it from appearing again. And if you think - instead of spraying weed killer every week, you will do this once, and you are done.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty, get a brush and some Roundup. Now separately brush each pest plant and that will do the trick. This way no other flora will be hurt. Damn those dandelions!

How Often Should You Feed Your Lawn?

There is a fairly easy answer to this - about every 5 to 8 weeks. Depends on the type of grass you have and the seasons. In the active seasons (again, depends on the type of plants) you can fertilize more often (5 weeks) and in the non-so-active, you can skip a few weeks.

It also depends on the type of fertilizer you are using. Synthetic is usually applied more often than organic.

How to Get Your Grass Green Again?

If you are doing your job as a gardener properly, you shouldn't have issues.

First - you might be cutting the grass bit too short. Yes, many people are suggesting to cut it short, but that's not exactly correct. If the grass is a bit taller it will hide some of the weeds and probably some thinner spots. This will make the illusion of greenness. Plus, when you are cutting it too short you are exhausting the grass.

Second - learn what kind of turf you have. If you have cool or warm-seasoned grass, you should know it. This way you will know exactly when, how and with what to fertilize it.

And just to inform you - those tips are given from professional gardeners. Nothing made up.

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