Video: Early Pruning of Tomato Plants

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DanielleGardenGirl Danielle Sherry, contributor
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Video Length: 2:20
Produced by: Kate Geruntho Frank. Videography: Gary Junken.

Tomatoes are surprisingly easy to maintain. Young tomato plants will need some initial pruning early in the season. Here's how to ensure that your tomatoes remain healthy and produce delicious fruit.

Step 1: Remove all of the branches below the first flower cluster.

You'll know it's time to start pruning your tomato plants when you notice your plant's first flowers. Remove all of the branches that are growing below the first set of flower buds. While it may seem drastic, there are two good reasons to do this: First, low-growing branches tend to become diseased because they're so close to the soil. And second, since none of the lower branches will produce fruit, those branches will just drain the plant of its energy.

Step 2: Remove all suckers.

Suckers are small, secondary branches, or side shoots, that appear in the crotch area, or axil, between the branches and the main stem. Suckers drain the tomato plant of precious energy that would be better used producing tomatoes for you to eat.

Once you've completed these maintenance tasks, your tomatoes will be off to a great start.

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