Advice on Raised Beds and Vegetable Varieties

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Bazal Bazal, member
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I am completely NEW to gardening. I have big plans and high hopes – assuming reality will finally sink in next year. I would like to start a vegetable garden next year. I want to prepare for it this far.


The plan: Raised Garden Bed! 4x12 feet square and 8 inches high – so will hold approximately 2 cubic acres of dirt. My questions as follows


For the Raised Bed:

1- Home Depot sells wood pieces that are listed as "2 inches" thick – in reality they are between 1.5-1.75 inches thick. Given the dimensions of 4'x12'x8" – I assume I will need some reinforcements. I assume a wooden 4"x4" wood corners might help – advice? However, how tall should those be – how much should go underground and how much should stick behind the 8 inch height mark?

2- We have tons of crabgrass growing in our backyard – grows like WILD fire along with other weeds. Any strategies on minimizing weeds invading my bed?  I have been told to use cardboard boxes UNDER the bed and around the wood on the outside. I prefer NOT to place cardboard boxes under my bed… and using cardboard boxes on the outside of the wooden box would look quite unappealing. Any advice here?


Vegetable Planting:

I live in a 6B zone – southeast Michigan. Any recommendations on what vegetables would do well for spring planting? Even specific varieties of vegetables since I plan on starting from seeds (seedlings indoors, then transfer outdoors).


Any advice is appreciated since I am COMPLETELY new!



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