Advice for Keeping Your Garden Safe and Secure

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If you enjoy the fruits of your labor as some gardeners do, then you probably have a nice little setup next to your very own garden. Ornaments, lawn furniture, and even devices to care for your garden (lawn mowers, gardening tools, etc.) are all sitting in your backyard vulnerable. No, you probably won't have to worry about the birds flying off with your garden hoe, but an interested passerby…that's another subject. Imagine going on vacation and coming home to find that all of your outdoor belongings have been stolen? The cost to replace everything can certainly be more than you want to spend.

It's funny that we don't think about these things happening, until it actually does, but there are plenty of stories out there about homeowners coming home to find their gardens torn apart and personal belongings stolen. As such it can't hurt to invest in a little security for your home garden.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance

Review your insurance policy to see if your homeowner's insurance covers the yard and property that might be placed in it. While some insurance companies will cover these expenses, the amount they will cover can vary. Therefore, you want to check and see exactly how much coverage you have to ensure that it would compensate for any stolen or damaged garden property or land. If it's not enough insurance coverage, talk with your insurance provider about increasing the amount or invest in a specialized policy that will protect your outdoor possessions accordingly.

Make Things Difficult to Take

There are things about your garden that can appeal to thieves and make it look like an easy target. To prevent this from happening you may want to do some of the following:

· Make sure you always clean up tools and put them in the shed so that they're locked up  and secure

· Maintain your shrubs as high shrubs can make it easy for thieves to hide

· Invest in some prickly plants and place them around the perimeter so that it deters thieves from wanting to climb into your yard.

· Install a home security system complete with security lighting, motion sensors, and a camera., a website providing information on ADT security packages in Orlando and other qualifying cities, gives a rundown of the various packages and features you can consider.

Inspect Your Gate

Your garden and backyard likely already has some form of gating around it for added protection and privacy. It is a good idea to make sure that you inspect your gates periodically for any weak spots. You want to check for things like damaged fencing, or missing panels and replace it right away. If you have a standard gate with no real securities you might want to consider upgrading by investing in durable locking gates that are harder to climb. If you're going to install a new gate however, be sure that you are within the legal requirements mandated by your city and state.

Secure What You Can

Items in your garden such as lawn chairs, mowers, and garden tools should be secured as best you can. For instance, you can secure your lawn furniture to a solid structure with a few chains, or adding heavy stones to various patio containers you might have lying around. If you have one, you could also consider locking as much of your garden and outdoor possessions away in a shed. Ensure that you have a durable lock so that it cannot be easily broken into.

Keep Accurate Records

Take a picture of the things in your garden and backyard so that you have an accurate record of what belongs to you. If you can, also write down any serial numbers in case you need to file a police report as this can help them secure things a lot faster.  Keep all this information in a safe place such as on a storage account on your computer or saved to your phone's hard drive.

While you may have thought that protecting your garden from rabbits or other animals was your only concern…think again. There is always the possibility that a thief could be lurking around your neighborhood looking for some good finds right in your backyard. To protect your garden and other outdoor possessions it is beneficial to make sure that you have effectively secured your home garden. With summer being the most popular traveling season of the year, you most certainly want to consider all of the above before taking a long vacation.

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