How to Make a Low Maintenance Garden on a Budget

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Small garden ideas on a budget. Suggested by Professional gardening services
Bottles on Fence
Wind Chime from Keys
Sedum Spurium John Creech
Rope Lighting
Paint on Patio
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Small garden ideas on a budget. Suggested by Professional gardening servicesClick To Enlarge


Small garden ideas on a budget. Suggested by Professional gardening services

Maintaining a regular life in London could be quite hard. That's a statement, not simply showing the obvious. With expensive homes, rents and extremely busy lives, it's not easy to find time for your hobbies and house work. And the problem is not in you, it's just that the day has only 24 hours and there is so much to do. Your job, your family, your pets are far more important than that piece of land behind the house. But there is a way…

People are constantly looking for tips and tricks to easily maintain a garden on a budget, so here are a few points to follow.


The principles

To make your garden ideas on a budget, you will need a plan. Start by taking a good look at your backyard and make strategy. Add all of your ideas on a piece of paper or even better - make a map and sketch the thoughts.

1. Start from one corner, then fill the next and so on. This way it would be cheaper, because you will make everything on stages.

2. Think asymmetrically - this way you will change the usually rectangular shape of the yard and make it more stylish.

3. You how people say "it's the little things". Well, they are right. You might have the best lawn in the world, it could be greener than Kate Middleton's eyes, but it's not enough. What makes the backyard really beautiful and finished are those little elements. It's the same way with your home - the furniture makes it good, but those personal items make it feel like home.

4. Go for a water saving garden. Rows of vegetables or flowers might look kind of nice, but they cost more water to maintain. Spreading your plants on a larger surface of soil will prevent plants to "share" water. If the roots are more clumped together, you can just irrigate a smaller patch. The water will reach all plants relatively the same and you wont waste it on empty dirt.

Of course, if you overdo it, the plants will suffocate each other out. There is always a balance. Water-economic gardening, however, is going to be one of the hottest trends for the garden in 2016. Especially, since water conservation is becoming a bigger and bigger issues on it's own. 


The Accessories

Use Diapers in Your Pots.

This is more of a tip for making your plants more fresh and healthy, than on design. Some people put the whole diapers at the bottom of the pot and put soil on top. This could do the trick, but a tutorial by The King of Random shows us how you should really do it.

In a few words - you remove the content of the diaper, mix it up with regular all-purpose potting soil. This new mixture can will make taking care of your plants easier, because you will need to water them less frequently and they will still remain healthy and watered.

Full tutorial.


DIY Vases on the Fence.

If you are a DIY junkie, you probably already know how to make your old wine bottle into vases. Heck, even if you are not an expert, all you need is a bit of imagination and you will be able to think of a design. All you need is some paint or some twine and you can create a masterpiece.

Hang these vases with twine on your backyard fence and you will create an entirely different look. You can even use simple see-through glass bottles, with no fancy ornamentations on them. Now fill them up with some water and put various flowers in. Voila!


Make a Eco-Friendly Wind Chime from Keys.

There are plenty of ways to make wind chimes from recycled materials, but one particularly easy method is by using old keys. All you need is:

  • regular old keys

  • some paint

  • a tick

  • twine

You paint the keys and the stick. You use the twine to connect the keys with the stick and that's it. Now you have a chime for the garden.


Lemongrass - Easy to Maintain, Get's Rid of Mosquitoes.

We all love spending time in the garden for relaxation, to gather the family for a weekend barbecue, but there are small annoying bugs that can ruin the whole fun.

You can use different chemicals to get rid of mosquitoes, but there is a more natural way, that will even make the garden look better. Lemon Grass, ladies and gentleman, this is your solution.

Big Tip: Put the lemongrass close to your dining area or paths, so it could be more useful. Also, you can plant them in pots, so you can move them with you. Lemongrass could become quite tall, which is a perfect way to hide your presence from the pesky neighbours.

Other plants that could help against mosquitoes - catnip, marigold, rosemary, mint.


Use Creeping Sedums for a Fast-growing Ground Cover

If you want big chunks of land to be covered as soon as possible, there is a way. Use creeping sedums - Sedum spurium, sedum albums, sedum rupestre - all good for the yard. Mostly they prefer drier conditions, which is not exactly what you have in London, but they will do.


Glow-in-the-dark paint For Your Planters.

You can paint your planets with glow in the dark paint and have a beautiful night garden. Well, not exactly.

Turns out it was all a myth. There is not magic paint that will make everything look shiny and brilliant. But there is a way. You can get LED pots from the internet. They are reasonably priced and will get you the desired effect, so it fits the description for gardening ideas on a budget.

Also - those pebbles spray-painted with glow-in-the-dark paint are also fake. Don't fall for it.


Rope Lighting for The Garden

If you have leveling or different areas in the yard, you might consider using rope lighting. It will change the whole scenery immensely. During the night your whole backyard will look like something futuristic or like a fantasy garden.

And it's not complicated to install. If you can put Christmas lights, you can put rope lights.

Cinder Blocks For Decorations.

If you have some leftovers from those renovations last summer, you might use it in the grounds. If you have concrete or cinder blocks laying around you can make so much things with ease. Let's start with a staircase-type wall, where you can put plant pots on top.

Or you can make a bench. Just put a few rows of blocks on each side and a few planks to connect. Add some cushions and you are ready. You can even make a table.

  Latex Floor Paint for The Patio

If you have a dull grey patio, why don't you add some colour to it. Grab a bucket of paint and improvise. You don't even have to be an artist to be able to make it beautiful. How hard could it be to make a square. Or you can paint every stone/tile with different colour. Simple, but effective.


Cement Steppings or Ornaments from Giant Leaves

This is the part where you get a bit creative. First, you will need a giant leaf (or a few). You can get pumpkin leaves, sunflower ones. There are some options. Then you will need some cement. Put one over the other (cement over the leaf), leave it to dry and remove the green remains when ready. That's it. Now you have a leaf-shaped cement block which can fit perfectly in the yard.

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