Video: How to Plant Tomatoes

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Video Length: 2:32
Produced by: Kate Geruntho Frank. Videography: Gary Junken.

Tomatoes like to be planted very deeply. Deep planting helps to ensure that your plants will grow to be healthy and robust.

If your plant came in a peat pot, make sure you remove all of the pot before planting. Peat takes a long time to break down and wicks away moisture from the plant.

Tease the roots of your tomato plant before putting it in the ground, especially if your tomato plant has become rootbound.

Remove the first few sets of leaves and bury your plant two or three times as deep as you would any other plant. While this may seem extreme, all of the tiny hairs along the stem of your tomato plant will become roots once they're buried.

Once you've planted your tomato, you'll need to think about how you're going to support it. If you're using a tomato cage, now is a good time to set your cage in place. You could also drive in a stake or any other support you're using. If you wait too long to get your supports in place, you risk damaging your plant's roots.

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