5 Vegetables That You Can Use As Meat Substitutes

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It goes without saying that vegetables are your go-to eats when you want to fill your stomach up without hurting your system and making it susceptible to all sorts of diseases. With all of the nutrients and vitamins they contain, you'll be sure to have a healthy and strong body that's about as healthy as a horse. Imagine that!

But truth be told, nothing quite compares to the unparalleled deliciousness meat-based meals give us. Imagine yourself enjoying a plateful of meatballs, beef jerky, chicken satay with lashings of peanut sauce, and-head and shoulders above the rest-burgers! It's something that gives you joy and makes you feel ready for the day. But as you know, indulging in these deadly treats may expose you to serious health conditions: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, among many other things.

On the other hand, the problem with eating vegetables-although quite superficial-is that munching on them is not necessarily an experience you'll crave for time and again. But this doesn't really pose a serious threat, does it? With a little creativity and a dash of innovativeness, you'll find yourself whipping up a vegetable meal that's so delicious you'd forget there's this thing we call 'meat'. Well, not totally. But at least you're on your way to having your garden-grown vegetables or herbs  front and centre of your plate.

It has been said that vegetables make for great meat substitutes. There are practically a ton of hearty and delicious meals that you can use vegetables on-in lieu of meat products. Take a look at the list of easy to grow vegetables that can deliciously replace meat.


1. Potatoes

Potatoes are everyone's favourite. These are the vegetable equivalent of a jetsetter for they are all over the place! Think of any savoury meal and you can easily throw these delicious tubers right into the pan. And if there's one vegetable that you can cook in a variety of ways-bake, fry, roast, mash, and boil-it's got to be potatoes! You can use them as a replacement to meat-heavy burger patties. And since they are rich in carbohydrates, eating them will give you enough energy to get you through the day, one of the many things eating meat provides us with.

Potato Meal Ideas: Pesto pasta with potatoes, potato, and root gratin.


2. Mushrooms

Portabellas are considered one of the best types of mushrooms you can use as a good meat substitute. However, there are also some other kinds that are well suited to make meat-based meals well, meatless, but still delicious, or even better. Portabellas can be used as meal extenders especially for those where you've removed the meat. So if you are craving for a rich umami taste while filling up your stomach with a hearty meat-like dish, then you might want to try mushrooms, or make it a kitchen staple.

Mushroom Meal Ideas: Mushroom burger (with thick slices of mushrooms as the burger patties), Creamy meatless mushroom carbonara.


3. Tofu

Everyone loves tofu. There's no doubt about it. Tofu is considered as an Asian staple that has been making a loud crunchy buzz in the world food arena. The good thing about tofu is that it absorbs any flavours you marinate it with, easily making it your favourite meat substitute. Also, its look can effortlessly pass off as pork or beef, ready to be chowed down. There are two types of tofu, depending on the meal you'd like to prepare. There's this water-packed variety that's solid enough to be easily made into savoury meat dishes such as barbecue, kebab, and casserole. There is a second variety called the Silken Tofu that is intended for pureeing, perfect for when you'd like to have your own delectable cream pie desserts.

Tofu Meal Ideas: Grilled or fried tofu slices, tofu curry, tofu tacos.


4. Tempeh

Made using cooked whole soybeans usually in a mould, Tempeh, a staple unique to Indonesian cuisine, is denser and fuller in texture compared to regular tofu. Similarly, this variety is healthier than tofu as it is higher in protein and fibre and is less processed. This makes this kitchen wonder a good fit for full-on vegetarians and heavy meat-eaters alike.

Tempeh Meal Ideas: Caesar salad with seared tempeh, tempeh kebabs.


5. Seitan

This amazing meat substitute is processed wheat gluten that's considered as a very good source of protein. If you're meaning to have your dose of chicken goodness but want to avoid taking in all the bad stuff, you can use seitan as a substitute. As with tofu and tempeh, seitan can take in different flavours depending on what you pair it with. With this trait, you can easily transform this delicious goodness into practically anything.

Seitan Meal Ideas: Seitan Buffalo wings, barbecue seitan, stir-fried seitan

If you'd like to veer away from eating meats-or would want to try being meat-free for a certain period of time-you can still enjoy having these healthier options as much as you enjoy having meat-heavy dishes. It only takes some guts to go out of your way and try preparing meat-free but equally-delicious meals!

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tomhudsan writes: like a non.veg... vegetable has also best protein and minrals. The fresh vegetable is the first choice of every one.. thanks for the post
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