Plano Victory Garden

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yourownvictorygarden Greg Holdsworth, contributor
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My "Victory Garden" in Plano, Texas. Mostly vegies, but a few herbs and flowers are growing as well.

More Information: My Own Design
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Comments (9)

rubenrush34 writes: Looking Awesome
Posted: 4:14 am on October 7th
danafox25 writes: I have also like that garden.
Posted: 1:28 am on August 8th
ryangreer22 writes: Garden really look awesome
Posted: 2:47 am on July 27th
ryangreer22 writes: Garden really look awesome
Posted: 2:47 am on July 27th
BubbaOpus writes: We just started our garden adventures and have been battling either squirrels or rabbits digging up my corn and pea seed... VERY frustrating. Am very impressed with your production.

I've three 4x4 beds.

For potatoes, am trying 5g buckets... drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, put some river rock to make sure they don't clog, then two seed potatoes in each bucket.

Above each bucket is a topsy turvey tomato planter. I water the tomatoes and the run-off waters the potatoes.
Posted: 10:41 am on March 31st
wrestler77 writes: Wow. This garden is marked in my favorites list. Neat and clean. If you care to share your planning ideas and design, PLEASE do. We have deer, racoons, and dogs from the neighborhood that visit. Thanks.
Posted: 10:21 pm on May 11th
Lindydesign writes: My first time in................Greg...........I'm very impressed with your garden....You are in Plano and I am in Dallas. I am gradually converting my back yard to mostly herbs and vegetables. Working them in between my roses, snapdragons, etc. L.
Posted: 10:21 pm on April 28th
yourownvictorygarden writes: To BCDE Jones:

Send me an email to yourownvictorygarden at and I can send you the higher resolution files and explain how I did it.


Posted: 6:08 pm on October 28th
BCDEJones writes: Could you please add a close up of your enclosed sections, I live in an area with deer & I would love to copy your design.

Also, how do you get into the areas for harvesting the plants?
Posted: 4:48 pm on September 20th
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