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If you can't bear to see the season come to an end, plant a fall vegetable garden. As your vegetable garden starts to wind down, plant a variety of cold weather crops in August that you can begin harvesting in September all the way through November. There are many vegetables that are cold hardy, including asian greens, lettuces, cabbages, arugula. I love having fresh salad and other side dishes fresh from the garden on my Thanksgiving table. Cover your veggies with a cold frame or hoop house to extend your growing season. It's amazing how long you can keep growing vegetables with cold frames.

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For the Fall Vegetable Garden, Think Kale: If you're looking for a robust, nutritious green that survives way past frost, consider planting some kale.

Extend the Seasons with a Cold Frame: Cold frames are basically very short greenhouses sans the heat. They are one of the handiest tools around for helping gardeners garden around weather we can't control.

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Top Your Cold-Frame with a Lightweight, Snap-On Cover: Cold frames are like time machines. They allow you to extend the fall harvest past the hard freezes that would bring an end to crops in unprotected beds.

A Winter Vegetable Garden in Northern California: If your climate is right, you can keep your garden going all winter with cool-weather crops that can't take the summer heat.

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