Making Your Garden More Valuable: Tips for Success

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One way to increase the value of your home is to improve on your yard. You could make a substantial profit simply by following a few tips.


Many people work on other areas of the home when they want to increase the value. For example, the kitchen and bathrooms both provide a good return on investment. However, if you want to sell and move on, your outdoor space could seal the deal for you.

Decks and Patios

Many people want an outdoor space where they can relax. Therefore, attaching a patio or a deck to the exterior of the house, and having it flow into the garden area, is a great idea. If your house is large enough to fit a family, you want to have seating for up to eight people out there. In addition, you need a little room to move and to set up a grill.

Think about what you can do to improve the functionality of the space. For instance, does it get cold where you live? Putting in patio heaters is a great way to make the space usable throughout the year. Other options include lighting and a covered terrace.

Buyers want to have as much "living" space as possible. A patio or deck gives them a place to entertain and can even be considered another room – something that is often pivotal for house buyers.

Bigger Projects

How large is your yard? If you have the space and the budget, you may want to add a pool or a summerhouse to your property.

Summerhouses, in particular, are a good investment. They do not cost a lot (relatively speaking) and you should get most of the money back when you sell. However, it is important to keep things in perspective. If you go overboard, you won't get your money back. Swimming pools are one such feature. You typically won't see a return on this because families with younger children may be wary of owning a house with a pool. Others will be worried about the maintenance costs.

Carefully consider any project before you start work on it. You want it to be something that will be attractive to buyers and that will add value to your house. Also, remember that putting up a permanent structure can be a gamble. Buyers may not like the new addition and it could turn them off from the house as a result.

Curb Appeal

When someone steps out of their car and looks at your house, they instantly form an impression. This impression tends to carry over when they walk into the house, regardless of what they see. Therefore, tend to your yard. Make sure it looks nice and includes plants that do not take a lot of work.


If parking is difficult in your area, think about putting in a driveway. However, do not take on this project yourself. A professional will understand the rules and regulations involved and will put up a driveway the right way. Here are some great tips. 

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