Grow Herbs From Seeds For Your Home Garden

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Herb seeds are sold online. Buy best quality herb seeds online and grow your own healthy garden from seeds such as basil, chives, sage, thyme and more.

Grow your own home garden with some amazing herbs that not only add flavour to your recipes, but also purify air and keep you refreshed. If you find it difficult to buy the right herb in market, better grow your own herb garden. You can simply pick the fresh herbs from your garden whenever required and enjoy fresh yield.

There are few herb seeds that you can grow at home hassle-free. At least, commonly used herbs such as basil and chives can be grown at home for fresh-from-the-earth taste. Here are few herbs that you can grow from seeds.

Basil: The leaves are good to consume on daily basis and can be used in salads, soups and other recipes. Sow seeds in a sunny location for better result. Keep up the best drainage system for growing this plant.

Chives: Chives are the perennial member of onion family and taste like spring onion. You can add it to enhance the flavour of sauces, salads, mashed potatoes and egg and cheese dishes. Sow them during spring or fall. Chives prefer full sun and moist and fertile soil.

Rosemary: A fragrant herb widely grown in various parts of India. Its needle-like fragrant leaves are used in cosmetics, beverages and to flavour recipes. This plant requires good water drainage, effective air circulation and full sunlight.

Fennel: It is a pleasant smelling herb commonly used in most of the houses in India for various purposes. Fennel seeds are often chewed after eating meal. It gives cool freshness to mouth and can be consumed raw, dried and roasted. You can also add flavour to your recipe through dried fennel seeds.

Sage: Sage is a culinary herb popular for its disease preventing properties. It can be used in various vegetable dishes, to garnish herb salads, filling in season sausages and fish. Place the container at an area where full sun appears. You can place near window or can grow outside at your garden bed.

Thyme: This evergreen herb is packed with minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients. It is used for cooking, medicinal and ornamental purposes. Please note that thyme takes time to germinate and requires well-drained soil. It can be grown in container and compost rich soil will keep it moist.

There are many other herbs available online which you can grow at home and enjoy fresh herbs. Pick the best quality herb seeds for better harvest and taste. 

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