Seedsheet’s Remarkable Growth

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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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The herb Seedsheet, planted in the top container, sprouted and grew continuous cuttings of basil and cilantro through the summer into fall.Click To Enlarge

The herb Seedsheet, planted in the top container, sprouted and grew continuous cuttings of basil and cilantro through the summer into fall.

Photo: Jodi Torpey

Last year I signed on to support a Kickstarter Campaign for a new product called Seedsheet. Apparently I wasn't the only vegetable gardener who liked the idea of rolling out a sheet of seeds, watering it and watching it grow.

Last week the company reported that after only one year, the response has been "absolutely insane."

What started as an idea to make vegetable gardening simpler, has turned into a major success. Seedsheets will be sold through The Home Depot this spring.

It's been amazing to follow the progress of a small group of vegetable gardeners who quit their full-time jobs to start a gardening company from scratch. They raised money, gathered together a loyal team, got settled in an empty factory and even built their own custom machinery.

They also received some nice publicity from PBS News Hour and Fortune Magazine.

Beginning vegetable gardeners, community gardeners, and gardeners who simply want to make gardening easier appreciate the Seedsheet approach. This product is like a paint-by-numbers kit that "makes planning and planting your garden as easy as making your bed."

For my Seedsheet experiment, I requested the herb sheet and planted it in a container on the patio. The basil and cilantro grew beautifully, and I had plenty of fresh herbs right outside my backdoor. I had an extra squash plant so I cut another hole in the fabric and added that to the pre-planted Seedsheet.

My Seedsheet growing experience was a big success. I'd like to think it played a part in the company's success, too.

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Comments (9)

Seloralmanra writes: Best of the Best, really well said

Posted: 12:41 am on October 19th
Levanrivanja writes: i like this vegetable gardener
Posted: 1:51 am on October 18th
KittiePierre writes: this is nice
Posted: 11:53 pm on October 17th
machirano writes: Impressive dude
Posted: 4:38 am on August 7th
ryangreer22 writes: Wonderful
Posted: 3:10 am on July 27th
stewardMblake writes: Looks gorgeous.
Posted: 4:27 am on March 10th
Joseph1963 writes: Thank you for sharing, I have been admiring your pictures. I tried growing brussel sprouts once and never got any sprouts i would like to try again
Posted: 1:54 pm on February 21st
WesternGardener writes: I'm always happy to help other vegetable gardeners learn about new products that make gardening easier and more fun. Best wishes for continued success!

Posted: 4:12 pm on January 12th
CamSeedsheet writes: Thanks for supporting us, and so pumped to see your herbs going gangbusters! Here we grow!
Posted: 9:14 am on January 12th
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