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Hello, gardening friends this is my first post ,I have never done this before . I have always grown all my plants from seed. Last year I grew some herbs as I wanted to be able to use fresh all year long I have all the stuff, heat, lights etc may as well Right! so I grew Rosemary,Thyme,Sage,I did cheat and order a Bay leaf seedling .In the fall I changed the soil, washed the plants including roots with safers soap;I did not want to bring any unwanted pests. But in November I noticed those little black flies. DAM Anyway does anyone know how to rid myself of these pests I have never had bugs inside before .I need to start my seedlings soon ,if I can't get rid of them I will have to GASP !!!!! kill them all !! I really don't want to but I must have a pest free area for the seedlings .I have only used organic in all things garden.I have fed birds and they do a GREAT job of destroying bad bugs even eating the delphinium grubs that destroy the flower buds of my delphiniums I have actually seen the birds going from plant to plant looking for the fat little $^%^& . I also keep my feathered freinds well fed summer and especially winter!! They are my winter entertainment I love to watch them . If I can ever learn how to send photos !!!!! I have many, even woodpeckers!! My favorite are the little Chickadee and Nuthatches they are soo cute!! So if anyone has a remedy for my problem PLEASE  let me know THANKS BRENDAK9


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