What kind of Problems that Builders Can Face During Construction

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Most of the time a construction or renovation project goes right, but sometimes things happen and it goes wrong. There are little issues that can come up during a construction project that can be annoying, can waste time or can really derail the entire project. Here are some of the common issues that builders might face during construction. 

The Builder Doesn't Visit the Construction Site Before Beginning

This is another common mistake, but it can be easily avoided. The builder should visit the construction site with the owner before the construction project begins, so that he can analyze the conditions, potential obstacles and specific situation. This will tell the builder whether they need to accommodation special circumstances or whether anything has been overlooked. If the builder hasn't visited the site prior to initiating the project, the buyer might expect them to pay for the extra costs. 

Buyer Relying on the Builder for Guidance

Sometimes the buyer lacks the necessary knowledge of the building knowledge and they forgo control of their investment while looking to the building to answer every question and make every decision for them. By relying on the builder in this way the arrangement can be disappointing. Hiring a builder means hiring someone who will construct what the buyer wants them to and make a profit. Although a good builder might offer you helpful advice, they will not know what you want as well as the buyer does. Buyers should keep in mind that building a home is a huge financial commitment and they should be as knowledgeable about the process as possible. 

Relying Too Much on Subcontractors

Sometimes builders make the mistake of relying too much on their subcontractors to maintain the quality of the work. However, sometimes when a subcontractor makes a mistake that will cost him money to remedy he might try to hide it rather than fix it. This can be a problem in the future when the issue is discovered, because you will be made to cover the cost. Or, perhaps there is an issue with the product because it is poor quality or not as attractive. Or, perhaps the subcontractor had their own idea about how something should be built and went off the blueprints – but the buyer isn't very happy with the final product. 

Weather Delays

Sometimes the weather can be so bad that it delays construction. Of course, most of the time construction is able to carry on through a little bit of mild rain, otherwise in the UK nothing would get done. The building materials in North Wales and the rest of the UK are suitable for wet weather and can be used during a drizzle. However, sometimes the weather conditions can be incredibly extreme – such as floods, snow and freezing rain – and this can delay construction. It is important to be aware of the weather forecast before you get started on a construction project and make sure that you plan for extra time to compensate for bad weather. 

Unforeseen Costs Occurring During Construction

During a construction project there are many extra costs that can sometimes crop up unexpectedly. For example, perhaps there is a case of dry rot or termite damage, or bad soil. Perhaps you need to switch timber suppliers in North Wales and you can't get the same price as before. Sometimes these issues are not discovered until after construction has begun. Usually in the contract it will specify that your construction agree addresses unforeseen circumstances and if there is extra work required, the contractor is entitled to the additional money to compensate them. Of course, if the contractor overlooked something before they started the project and their original estimate is low they are responsible for this oversight. If either the buyer or the builder encounter a serious unexpected problem that will result in a lot of emergency spending, they can always halt the project. If there is a debate on how much should be paid, a third party can be helpful in resolving the dispute. 

These are just a few of the many problems that can occur during the building process. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it helps to be prepared and for builders and buyers to be clear of their expectations before they begin, so that the building project can go much more smoothly

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