DIY Greenhouses: Your own piece of heaven

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Winner of Greenhouse inspired Park project
Plantagon greenhouse project from Sweeden
Boreal Greenhouse project France
Winner of Greenhouse inspired Park projectClick To Enlarge

Winner of Greenhouse inspired Park project

Tony Cho, a Miami-based real-estate entrepreneur had really made a difference in his community. He launched an international architectural competition for a greenhouse-inspired park. Out of over 200 entries from 23 countries in the world, one stole the jury's heart. A privately-run public space with green walls, a wide selection of flora, native butterflies, wall-embedded benches and illuminated by LED lights at night will accommodate art installations, farmers markets as well as fashion shows.

Creating a synergy between nature and people is something not reserved to public spaces only. Whether you would like to have your own conservatory in the garden, attached to, or in the house, DIY greenhouses are for all of you who have green fingers and are proud of it.

The type of greenhouses in general

Starter greenhouses are perfect for propagating seeds and starter plants which you will transplant outdoors. These small and mid-size greenhouses are not a good choice if you plan to have a furniture in it. So called grower greenhouses are larger and more spacious. You can also choose a conservatory based on panel clarity: clear cover, semi-diffused cover, or diffused cover panels. Based on the type of frame, you can choose among the following materials: aluminium, steel, plastic resin and wood.

The type of covering

Tempered glass is clear, strong and durable. 4 mm thickness glass panes provide additional insulation. Polycarbonate panels are cheaper than tempered glass panels, but they are not as scratch resistant as their glass counterparts. Having a lifespan of 15 years, they can be grouped into single-walled polycarbonate and multi-walled polycarbonate panels. The latter are stronger, have better insulating values and provide diffused light. Fiberglass panels are diffused, they retain heat more efficiently compared to tempered glass, but they are not very durable. UV-treated polyethylene film panels are inexpensive providing semi-diffused life and lasting 3-5 years. Twin-wall polyethylene sheets have excellent insulating values letting 75% of light to pass through.

Plants to grow in your greenhouse

The type of plants you can grow depends on soil, light, temperature and space in your greenhouse. When it comes to vegetables, you can consider the cold season crops, such as carrots, broccoli, lettuce and peas and the warm season ones, including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The most common fruits are peaches, citrus fruits, grapes, strawberries and raspberries. Tropical plants like Venus flytraps and orchids as well as cacti can also have a place in your greenhouse. Finally, do not forget about ornamentals.

Creating your own cosy corner

Start with the outdoor furniture you will choose depending on the micro-climate in the greenhouse. If you deal with a lack of space, a small garden table and two chairs can create a comfy atmosphere, too. When considering outdoor fabric, solid, or printed fabric in contrast to the greenery inside (yellow, red and orange) are the best option (find inspiration here).

Trellises behind the furniture and hanging baskets around the greenhouse will personalize your cosy corner. Choose creative DIY planters, such as the ones made of floppy disks, or the repurposed planters like hanging garden boots, tires, colander and paint can planters.

Greenhouse accessories

Solar-powered louvers open and shut automatically depending on the heating level. Hand-watering wands have adjustable nozzles. You will need a lot of shelves for plants, but opt for custom-made ones as they will help you maximize the use of space. Use potting tables as they have both bins for soil and a surface to work on. Wooden crates are perfect for organizing your tools.


Greenhouses are great for growing organic food and other plants, but, most of all, they are a sanctuary where you can find peace and quiet.

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