Collecting And Storing Seeds FromYour Garden

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Grow Vegetables From Quality Seeds

In the below article we will discover ways to save seeds from your garden. Avoid saving seeds from the plants named Hybrid as the plants grown from them are way too inferior to the parent plants.

Seeds That Can Be Saved Easily:

Tomato seeds can be saved from the ripe fruit. Squeeze the seeds from a paper towel and leave them to dry on the room temperature.


Pepper seeds can be extracted from a ripe red pepper and should be dried at the room temperature too.


For Eggplant, ground cherry, garden huckleberry seeds, separate the seeds from the mature fruit and let them dry at the room temperature.


To extract Beans, Peas, Soybeans seeds, leave the pods on the plants until they are rattle dry. Pick these dry pods and place them at the room temperature. Ensure they are completely dry before extracting the seeds. People can buy vegetable seeds online in reasonable price with good quality.


Lettuce seeds are difficult to extract but can be easily saved. Leave a plant to produce a seed stalk. After the plant blooms to form a dandelion head gather the seeds. Separate the seeds from the chaff by rubbing them with the hands.


Seeds That Are Difficult To Save:

Cucumber, Melons, Squash and Pumpkins firstly need controlled pollination. The control pollination requires careful attention. The male and the female flowers need to be distinguished. The male

blossoms in contradiction to the female blossoms are on a longer stalk and do not have a miniature fruit at the base.

With careful observation note that the blossoms which open the other day have a light yellow colour and a distinct pointed tip. In the evening select both the male and female plants. In the morning touch the male blossom and touch the cluster of pollen to the center of the female flower. Close the female flower to avoid the bees from penetrating. Tag it. Grow the fruit to maturity. Note that the fruit must be properly ripe for the seeds to germinate successfully.

Flower Seeds

Gather mature seeds from the pods or seed clusters. Use the sunflower seeds only when the top blossom separates from the seeds or birds start eating them.


Storing Seeds

Protect the seeds from the insects by keeping them in a cool, dry place. Store the seeds in a labelled, air-tight container. There are three types of seeds:

  1. Short Lived Seeds - These last for 1-2 years. Corn, Onion, Parsley, Pepper.
  2. Intermediate Seeds - These last for 3-4 years. Bean, Pea, Carrot, Spinach.
  3. Long-lived seeds - These last for 5-6 years. Cabbage, Radish, Cucumber, Muskmelon.

Test Germination

Do not forget to check germination before planting. For germination do the following:

Moisten 2-3 layers of paper towels.

Place 25-50 seeds on the towel and roll it smoothly. Put it in a plastic bag.

Keep these towels in a warm place.

Some seeds like radish germinate in 2-3 days while the pepper seeds need about 10-14 days to germination.

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