5 Ways to Landscape your Garden to Increase the Value of your Home

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Landscaping for a home can be a winning proposition. A home that has green and tidy surroundings is one that will have a greater value, which also adds to the environment and helps you to improve your health. 

1. Lawn edges need to be defined

You must edge and mow your lawn. A lawn that is edge looks restrained and tamed and leads it to look as if it does not require much of maintenance, and this can be a unique selling point for your home. It is easy to create an edge if you use a sharp spade and make a neat cut that separates your lawn from the fence, path or garden bed.You can also have an edge that is defined by a physical barrier made of stone, brick, steel or timber.

2. Let plants not be a problem

Your property may suffer from the disadvantage of being overlooked by neighbors or be adjoining busy roads, but you can overcome this having your garden planted out. Plants may not be able to create a complete visual or be an aid to reducing sound pollution, but a buyer will consider it an improvement.

Get advice from your local garden centre concerning the environment that your garden has about things like proximity to the coast, or soil, light and shade. If you are selling your home, you will do well to ask your nursery for hedging that is mature and will give immediate results. 

3. Weed and mulch

A garden looks well kept and one that requires lower maintenance if your plant beds show that they have been weeded and have the right mulch. The mulch that you use must be of greater utility, and you will find this with mulch that uses forest fines or pine bark instead of the mulch that most gardeners prefer sugarcane and Lucerne. The usec of utility mulches will appear neater, and when you want to sell your home, its appearance does matter. Mulches that are out of the conventional ones, Carrol warns, like dyed wood chip will not enthuse most home buyers. 

4. Plant species need to be limited

A garden that has a minimum number of plant species will appear more uniform and create n impression of requiring less maintenance.However, do not carry out this exercise to great lengths. Carrol advocates a degree of plant diversity as a way to encourage biodiversity that will help the local ecology, reduce the impact of pests, make for extended time for flowering and make the garden look impressive.

5. Lay a new lawn

Any home will sparkle if it has a lush lawn. Kikuyu is a variety that can be cost effective if you have a large area to cover. It is half the price of Buffalo grass.A Sydney lawn of 100 square metres will cost $8.5 per sq m if you use Premium Buffalo like Sir Walter or King's Pride while a Kikuyu lawn can be laid for $4.5 per sq m. 

Lawns that look patchy or have browned out in the winter can be oversown with rye grasses and fescue blends.It will green the lawn and makes it appear thicker.

6. Add form and color

Entranceways will benefit with welcoming planters that have clipped topiary. Fill garden pots with bright flowering perennials and annuals, as this will immediately give a lift to the appearance of your garden. Once your home is sold, you can always take the plants with you to your new garden.

Needless to say if you are putting in so much into your home, ensuring it has the right high insurance quality cover for a high value home is pivotal.

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Comments (3)

RObertOwen writes: Rob @ http://www.paulslandscapingsydney.com.au/
Posted: 6:23 am on July 26th
RObertOwen writes: You can always add a water feature in your garden. They look great and expensive. But actually they are not ! I am working for a landscape design company and we do that kind of manipulations all the time. 60% of the customers just want to rise property value...
Posted: 6:21 am on July 26th
RobertSmith82 writes: Great guide, finally I will make my garden look unique :)
Posted: 11:38 am on February 23rd
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