Make a Lucky Vegetable Gardening Amulet

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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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A lucky amulet may bring good luck for a bountiful vegetable garden this season.Click To Enlarge

A lucky amulet may bring good luck for a bountiful vegetable garden this season.

Photo: Jodi Torpey

While on a recent trip, I stopped in a small store filled with folk art from Mexico and Central and South America. I was immediately drawn to a small vial of beans, seeds, bark and a miniature horseshoe.

This Peruvian amulet vial is said to be made by a folk doctor from the Amazon area of Ayacucho, Peru, located in the south-central Andes. The region has a rich history and is known for its annual religious celebrations.

Each small vial is used to encourage good health and good luck. These bottles typically contain minerals to attract money; red and black huayruru (or huayruro) beans for luck; assorted herbs, tree bark and oil for health; and a piece of curly yellow vine that's meant to help regain a lost friend.

The vial also includes a small carved and painted alabaster figure to represent any of a number of saints. Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and nature, is represented by a brown figurine.

Because legumes, like beans and seeds, are often carried as good luck charms around the world, it seems fitting to include a few when creating your own lucky vegetable gardening amulet.

Find a small bottle with a cork or screw top and then fill it with your favorite beans, seeds, herbs, bark, pieces of twig, colorful stones or other natural items that might bring some gardening luck. 

Select bright red beans to stand in for the prized huayruru wishing beans and add a few mustard seeds to protect against harm. Then fill the jar with a light-colored oil and seal tightly. Keep your lucky amulet or give it to a friend as a good luck charm and a wish for a bountiful vegetable gardening season.

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