4 Tips for Keeping Your Garden Secure

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Your garden is your haven and ensuring it's secure and safe is as important as keeping the rest of your home secure. So, here are some tips on doing so.

Make Sure You're Insured Properly

Even though quite a few standard insurance policies for homes cover your garden items, the amount insured for them tends to vary, so it's a good idea to make sure it cover enough. For instance, if there's plenty of beautiful plants in your garden, which would cost thousands of dollars to replace, it's very unlikely that you have adequate insurance. Plants in pots are generally covered by contents insurance, but planted plants tend to slip through the net, and not be part of neither building nor contents insurance.

It may be a good idea to try and get a specialist policy. Similarly, if you have expensive items in your garden such as a powerful lawnmower or a hot tub, it might be a better idea to ask an insurance to pay extra in order to specifically protect that particular item.

Improve Your Security

Naturally, your garden can be the first line of defense from burglars, so it's important to check for weaker spots such as missing panels or low fences. If an individual can easily get into you garden without attracting attention, they can easily rob your home.

Improving the security of your garden gate is one of the most important things you should do. A strong gate which can be locked is a good deterrent which will protect you from thieves. It's best to pick one with a solid, smooth wooden construction, which makes it harder to climb. If possible, make the gate at the same height as your wall or fence, in order to make access harder. You may want to fit good locks which can't be reached over your fence. Generally, padlocks are a good idea.

Weigh Things Down

Heavy items such as large plant pots or bulky furniture are hard to steal, and you can make them even harder by weighing them down even more through the use of heavy stones inside patio containers, for instance, or chaining expensive items using anchoring devices. You may even want to use security brackets on hanging baskets suggests property to insure.

Lock Away Expensive Items

Lawn mowers, barbecues and patio heaters are seen as easy targets by burglars for a good reason. While your home may be very hard to break into, gardens tend to be a lot easier to access, and often have portable pickings available.


Make sure you keep things that can be moved shut away in your shed, and, obviously, that you keep it locked. Even though you may be covered for items that are taken for an outbuilding or shed, this tends to apply only if the door was secured with a lock, and they found evidence of forced entry. On certain cases your policy will require that you use a certain type of lock, so make sure you install the right ones.

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