Should you Consider Artificial Grass for your Garden?

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Lawns are pleasing to the eye, and they make for a great place to relax and unwind. The beauty and pleasure of a real grass lawn comes at a price, though. That price involves time and effort and not just money. A great option to real lawns is an artificial one. 

In the 1960s, synthetic lawns were developed for sports arenas and football stadiums. These artificial lawns cut out the expense of maintaining real lawns. They also cut down the cost of having to use manpower and equipment to do the maintaining. The popularity of artificial grass has spread to home use because of the many benefits it offers.

Why do so many people look to artificial lawns? First, there are clear benefits to saving money and time, especially where lawn maintenance is concerned. Artificial grass can also improve one's lifestyle and help with environmental concerns. 

Homeowners can enjoy not having to spend a lot on upkeep. These are very low maintenance lawns. They are perfect for elderly homeowners who find that tending to a real lawn is no longer practical. They are perfect for vacation homeowners as well. Organisations like local councils that maintain parks, paths and roadside verges appreciate the ease of care these products afford as well.

The biggest advantage of grass like Artificial Super Grass is that they require no watering - ever. This makes them ideal for droughts or areas where water is scarce. For anyone on a water meter, this can result in amazing savings. This also makes this product better for the environment.

Not only can they help conserve water, they require no pesticide use, and they cannot be degraded by animals that make use of them. See our section on Artificial Grass's Environmental Benefits for more details. 

They are great for heavy use. There is no more mud to put up with or the need for replacing bald grass patches. For the sports industry, this can mean less interruption due to bad weather. In fact, FIFA now advocates the use of artificial lawns and even has a set series of standards for the use of these lawns. 

The lawn stays perfectly green all year long. There is never a need to put up with yellow spots or weeds. These artificial lawns never need mowing.

Best of all, these lawns are quite effective where growing natural grass is not an option. Conservatories or roof gardens can easily get a patch of green with synthetic lawns. They are also great for shopping centres, offices, and stage and television sets. 

Find out more about these lawns by reading the section on the Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass. It details how pesticides, lawn mowing and even grass clippings can be harmful to the environment.

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