How to Keep Your Lovely Garden From Becoming a Mess?

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Leyland Cypress
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Similar to many people who have a garden, I like spending time outside doing some gardening work, enjoying the fresh air or just sitting there and reading a book under the shadow of my favourite tree. And from my personal experience I can say that it is much more pleasant to do these things in a neat and tidy garden. However, that means a lot of work too. For a garden to looks beautiful, it has to be properly maintained - soil, flowers, grass, trees, bushes, everything. What's more - a lot of gardening work also means a lot of green waste - one more nasty thing to deal with. When it comes to weed, leaves and brunches, there are several solutions. You can get rid of the garden waste yourself. If it's you doing all the gardening work, this is nothing more than another job that just needs to be done. Or you can try composting. In case you rely on a professional gardener to take care of your property, ask if green waste removal is included in the offer. If not, you can always find garden waste removal service provided by a professional rubbish removal company. And done... clean garden in no time.


But... what about something that is not exactly under our control. There are some plants and trees that can turn your garden in a really big mess simply because of some specific features in their structure or nature. Avoiding them will save you a lot of time, efforts, nerves and probably money. Here is a short list with examples of such plants:


Native to Australia, this tree can be a bit of a maintenance nightmare due to its seasonal shedding of its bark. Large sticky branches are also known to suddenly drop off and come crashing to the ground. This could be a real life hazard.


As beautiful as it might be, the female variety of a gingko biloba produces some of the messiest and smelliest fruits of any tree. Often referred to us as a "trash tree", the smell of the distinctive fruits dumped by a female gingko is often compared to that of vomit.

Leyland Cypress

These trees grow very quickly. They also thicken well to essentially create a living privacy fence. Unfortunately, they require a great deal of trimming and maintenance to keep them healthy. The centre of the tree can become a dry, twiggy fire hazard.

Bradford Pear Trees

They can furnish your landscaping with colourful autumn leaves. However, these beautiful trees have a fatal flow: weak branches. You may end up losing your specimen to winter damage right after it comes into its prime.

Lombardy Poplar

These can be real eyesores in a landscape. The root systems, which are infamous for pushing up suckers, can be very difficult to eradicate. These roots can also damage drainage systems.

Trumpet Vines

You won't necessarily find trumpet vine on the lists of invasive plants. It's typically an exotic plan, which could be quite aggressive. Trumpet vine is, in fact, a very aggressive spreader.

Mimosa Tree

Native to Iran and Japan, the mimosa tree is a lovely, delicate-looking tree with fern-like foliage and showy, powder-puff-like pink blooms. Mimosa is susceptible to a serious wilt problem, as well as mimosa web worm. More significant to homeowners, though, is the fact that it is a prolific self-seeder, so you rarely have "just one" Mimosa. However, when the blooms (and the leaves and seed pods) start to fall onto the patio, they become a significant housekeeping issue.


Its delicious nuts are loved by many. That's why people find it handy to plant the pecan trees close to their houses. These also smell heavenly in a fireplace. On the other hand, the pecan tree sheds just about everything. They don't just shed twigs – some of the branches have the size of a small tree themselves. They deposit an absolutely incredible tonnage of leaves. The leaves are small, and will easily clog gutters. If you don't mind the damage to your roof from a fallen branch, or a garage full of leaves, pecan is an excellent choice. Ha-ha.

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