Our Garden in Spring: 3 New Vegetables for the changing seasons

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Green cabbage is an ideal vegetable for spring
Snow belle raddishes are te best option for the spring.
Spinach is full of iron and should be harvested early.
Green cabbage is an ideal vegetable for springClick To Enlarge

Green cabbage is an ideal vegetable for spring

I have to admit that this time last year, I was something of a novice when it came to planting vegetables for consumption. I was just getting into healthy eating, however, and last autumn I came across an article on this site which covered the best type of vegetables to cultivate during the winter.

From here I was inspired, and harvested an excellent crop of broad beans and shallots during the winter. I am now turning my attention to the spring as the seasons change, so I thought I would share my plans now that the warmer weather has finally arrived!

3 Vegetables for the New season: What I will be growing in Spring

Having just returned from a motorhome trip around the British Isle of Carmarthenshire, my spring vegetables are now in the ground and ready to grow! So here are the three main vegetables that I intend to harvest later in the year!

  1. Cabbage

This is a no-brainer in many respects, especially as cabbage is one of the most resilient and durable vegetables for planting. It is tolerant of frost, for example, while it can also be planted particularly early during the spring (we have already committed ours to the soil!) It does grow best in fertile soil, however, so you will need to tend to the earth and make sure that you have the optimum conditions for planting. We have planted predominantly green cabbage, as this requires the least maintenance and has the most versatility from a cooking and dietary perspective.

  1. Raddish

Next up is raddish, which is another vegetable that we have already planted for the spring. This can even be planted during the tail end of winter, although genuinely adverse weather conditions can impact on its growth. We therefore opted for planting at the beginning of March, although it is still not too late as raddishes bloom best when exposed to sunlight and bedded in fertile soil. It was recommended that I plant Snow Belle raddishes for the best results, although we have also added Easter Egg variations too.

We have our fingers crossed that these will grow well,as we have some excellent, healthy recipes planned for our crop!

  1. Spinach

Spinach also featured in the article I mentioned earlier, as it can be planted either during the fall or the spring. We feel that it may be at its best immediately after the soil has been prepared in the spring, however, while it is also recommended that you chill spinach seeds in a refrigerator for a period of one or two week before sowing them in early March. Spinach needs plenty of moisture once planted too, so be sure to harvest this while it is relatively young! We know we will be!

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