Can You Move Your Garden With You?

comments (1) March 21st, 2016

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Tips by Professional Garden Waste Removals
Tree removal spade
Tips by Professional Garden Waste RemovalsClick To Enlarge

Tips by Professional Garden Waste Removals

Moving homes sounds nightmarish enough, but when it comes to moving your garden it is a nightmare on a whole new level. Or at least most people think this way! Well I'll try to convince you otherwise and give you a tip or two. 

Here are a few essentials:

1. Plan carefully. Don't think about moving everything, but think about the plants, trees and parts of your garden you absolutely feel you CANNOT live without. Get the estimates for these. Everything else you can plant and grow again.

... but think about the plants too. Can they live in your new garden. A bunch of sun-loving plants won't feel great if you plant them in a shady garden.

It has to go both ways.

One of the most important steps in planning, though is knowing what you'll take from the garden and what you will dispose of. This is essential when it comes to companies quoting you for your move. Before you do anything get a garden waste clearance, which is a service suitable for people who use their gardens to store things they don't really need in their house. There's no moving a cluttered garden and this is why a professional rubbish removals company can come handy.

2. Take notes of your plants' behaviour. Which plants are struggling and which are thriving in your previous garden and next to what group of neighbours. In your new garden try an arrangement that can work best for all.

3. Take soil samples and give them to professionals for tests. Some of your plants may not thrive well if there is a considerable difference in the soil. If that happens you might need to enhance it with fertilizers or extra water, oxygen and other nutrients.

4. Plant every day after you have finalised your garden relocation. This is important even for drought-tolerant plants. They will all need some time and moist soil so they can grow deep roots.

5. Research companies who can help you with the move. Not every removals company takes plants and trees. A garden relocation is very different from a furniture move. The equipment needed is different and companies are afraid that pests can hitch the ride and be introduced in the new area. 

6. Protect the interest of your trees. If you are planning to sell your land to someone who is building on it, it is your responsibility to ask what the new owner plans to do with the trees on your property. Not like they need to be accountable for that, but trees are a precious resource nowadays and, needless to say, cutting them is not going to solve anything. Having said that, some trees are precious because they have sentimental value too. It might be a tree that your parents planted, you climbed and now you have hanged a tire swing for your children to use.

A tree like this is worth relocating to your new land. Relocating a tree isn't easy, but it isn't rocket science either. Yes, there is plenty you need to consider beforehand, but nowadays' removals equipment allows relocating of pretty much everything. For a tree relocation you will need to hire a truck with a spade mounted on the top.

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