Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2016

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cookinwithherbs susan belsinger, contributor
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Ranger Mickey welcomes visitors to Epcot.
Minnie Mouse has a mini dress of red begonias and Pluto has a collar of sunflowers--the theme of this garden bed is yellow flowers--spectacular!
Vista from Epcot--a virtual rainbow of annuals.
Close-up of the planting of annuals--all of them at their peak. Gardeners work after the park closes at night and finish before it reopens the next day. They change out displays before they fade--what an enormous job!
Water Wise Garden features drought tolerant plants.
Shakespeares Garden features a knot garden filled with herbs and small flowers.
Many different herbs, as well as tea plants are featured in the English Tea Garden. Here is a Citrus bergamia plant--the fragrant orange essential oil--from which Earl Grey Tea is made.
Many galvanized containers were featured throughout the park--from trashcans to washtubs and water troughs.
We heard lots of music in all the different countries of Epcot. One of my favorite groups were these garden guys who played trashcans, 5 gallon buckets, flowerpots, shovels and garden forks--they were incredible!
I took this pic for my daughters, Lucie and Cady, who loved Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers, when they were growing up.
Calendulas are one of my favorite edible and medicinal flowers--I was happy to see them in the gardens at Epcot--heres a great display of Pacific Beauty.
Lots of folks missed this topiary of Peter Pan, because you had to look up!
Ranger Mickey welcomes visitors to Epcot.Click To Enlarge

Ranger Mickey welcomes visitors to Epcot.

Photo: Susan Belsinger

In my last post I posted photos of Epcot Fresh--pix of food displays and gardens. Here are another dozen photos of some of my favorite plants, topiaries and garden vistas. The gardeners, designers and cast members have outdone themselves for this year's Flower & Garden Festival!

As I mentioned in my last post, we received a Garden Passport, which listed Garden Destinations, Outdoor Kitchens, Topiaries, places especially for kids, foods and libations to try at the Outdoor Kitchens, Concerts, events, tours, and Fun Fresh Weekends. There are little boxes to check off as well as stamps one gets as you visit each location or sample something delectable. It sort of makes it more fun to see if you can spy all of the amazing topiaries--or sample a certain treat or beverage that you set out to find. We checked off all of the Topiaries on the list, most of the Garden Destinations and many of the Outdoor Kitchens.

It was an enjoyable adventure--see the following pix for a quick tour.


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EllisSonja writes: I love flowers
Posted: 4:11 am on October 29th
Zacionafalidaa writes: Extremely well
Posted: 1:43 am on October 13th
PaulaTucker2 writes: You are so creative! It is so pretty and delicate.

Posted: 3:42 am on October 12th
PamelaHanshaw writes: hmm looks very fresh

Posted: 1:14 am on September 19th
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Posted: 2:22 am on September 17th
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Posted: 2:00 am on August 8th
Andylee2 writes: It's Beautiful

Posted: 8:06 am on August 7th
Crocheeraablo writes: I truly appreciate your work
Posted: 5:31 am on May 11th
cookinwithherbs writes: it truly is amazing what a incredibly fine job the gardeners and staff do at disney!

Posted: 3:25 pm on March 28th
halliekeith writes: last year i saw flower festival. i saw different types of flowers specicy. Thanks for sharing this
Posted: 2:29 am on March 28th
blueelephant402 writes: Wow! That looks like so much fun. Shame I live so far away. Otherwise I would have gladly joined the festivities!
Posted: 2:29 pm on March 25th
emma_huckle writes: These gardens are amazing! I am impressed :)
Posted: 6:54 am on March 25th
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