Quick growing veggies you can harvest in no time

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It's certainly not easy to take care of a garden. All gardeners know that it is important to be patient, in order to achieve good results. You may have to wait several months to see the final results of your hard work and there is never a guarantee that you will get what you want. If you don't like waiting, you can simply decide to plant vegetables that need short period of time to grow. Except that you will be able to enjoy the products faster, you also won't have to work very hard because such vegetables usually require less cares.




There is a way to enjoy a beautiful garden without spending every free minute in work. You can save a lot of time by simply learning more about the different needs of the various vegetables and pick to plant only those, for which you will be able to take care. This could take some time, but the efforts will be definitely worth it in the end. You will be enjoying clean organic veggies in no time, as long as you know which ones it's best to add to your garden. TopGardeningServices can help with a couple of useful tips.




  • Peas – You can include the peas in your list with veggies that you can harvest in no time without any worries. Except that they are easy to grow, they are also delicious and can be used in many recipes. Another advantage is that they don't take a lot of space because they grow vertically. All you need is a trellis and a little free time to sow them. The peas usually require about 60 days to grow and then you can harvest the final products.




  • Lettuce – If you like lettuce, then you should definitely plant it in your garden. It will need no more than a month (30 days) to grow, after which you will be able to enjoy the fresh product that is free from any dangerous chemicals. The best part is that the moment you harvest the lettuce, you can sow new seeds. You can grow the lettuce outdoors, as well as at home in special containers.




  • Spinach - Speaking of veggies you can harvest in no time, we have to mention the spinach as well. It needs a little more time than the lettuce to mature, approximately 45 days, but the wait will be worth it. If you are a fan of container gardening, you have to plant the spinach as well. Similar to the lettuce, it also likes cooler temperatures and shades, so you can keep it away from direct sunlight.




  • Radish – The radishes mature faster than any of the previously mentioned veggies. You can harvest them 20-25 days after the sowing. The radishes come in different shapes and colours and you can learn more about them when you go to purchase the seeds from the specialised shop. You can easily grow those veggies in containers too, but they like the sunny places unlike the lettuce and the spinach.




Gardening is a great hobby, which can free you from the stress and also help you preserve your good health. You will feel happy and satisfied that you managed to plant, grow and harvest the vegetables you like so much yourself. They will be more delicious not just because of your efforts, but also because they will be free from toxins. Remember to eat the veggies only after they are perfectly clean. The cleanness of all product you and your family consume is a top priority. This is a very important rule, especially if you grow your vegetables outside. Even though the container gardening is consider safer, you still have to clean all your veggies before you can eat them or cook them.


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