Fountain Tips for your Vegetable Garden Space

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Have you ever thought about taking a new element, such as a bubbling fountain, to bring together a new look in your garden? Once a fountain is up and running, you are going to be in for a relaxing, inviting oasis that will be filled with all of the soothing sounds that only water can bring.

Find a fountain that is going to suit your space. There are a lot of fountains that you will find in a variety of colors, styles and shapes and you will find everything from kitschy sweet to Romanesque and sophisticated. 

Frog Fountains

A fountain can also come in a wide rage of materials as well, including resin or ceramic. You can also choose from a floor fountain or one that is on the wall or pedestal style.

Wall Fountains

Another great option is a wall fountain that you can have installed beside a deck, outdoor room or a porch. If you happen to be someone who likes to take on projects on your own, you can make a fountain out of urns, pots or other containers.

These tips will be able to help you select the perfect water feature that is just right for your space.


Will you be going with solar or electric? Think about the power source.

Choose the right area that will be near the chosen power source. If you are going with solar, be sure that you find a spot that is going to give you at least six or more hours of direct sunlight each day. Otherwise, shady areas will be ideal.

Select a level spot that is already in your garden, or create one as advised by indoor fountain pros. You can situate the fountain on pavers as well. However, you can also go with a wall mount fountain if you have no viable area that is level.

Are you looking to attract birds? Keep the fountain up high by choosing either a pedestal or wall style. This will keep your pets away and allow the birds privacy for happy bathing.

Set up your fountain near the patio furniture so that you will be able to relax amidst the sights and sounds of the new addition.

This guide can be very helpful for buying a brand new fountain set up.

Once you are ready to find the fountain that dreams are made of, make sure that you properly maintain it once it is installed. Water will evaporate on a regular basis, so be sure that you add water and you keep it free from debris and everything will function properly. a stocking can also be put over the pump to further filter out debris and keep the fountain cleaner longer.

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