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Organic Pumpkin Fertilizer and Photos From My Garden

comments (0) July 26th, 2009 in Gallery

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grayboat grayboat, member
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Here are a couple photos of our garden, but I actually have a question about an article in Volume 2 Grow Vegetable Gardening magazine. On page 90 William Brown wrote the article about Pumpkins and included a recipe he developed with the help of a chemistry teacher for Organic Pumpkin Fertilizer.

I am curious if anyone knows if this recipe will also work for other plants and if so which ones. In case you haven't seen this recipe I'll include it here:

1/2 cup blood meal for nitrogen, 1 cup bonemeal for phosphorus, 3/4 cup greensand, 1/4 cup hardwood ashes for potassium, 2 tablespoons agricultural lime for calcium, 2 tablespoons pelleted sulfur and finally 1/3 cup kelp meal.

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