Choosing a Right Lawn for Your Garden

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A lush green, soft, smooth lawn which has grass suited for the surrounding climate, environment and more importantly your schedule. Yes, I am talking about Zoysia Grass sos which not only increases the beauty, greenery and charm of your prized lawn, but makes you feel blissful and fresh too.

Reasons what makes Zoysia Grass sod different from others

  • Zoysia grass stands to its full glory and style from early beginning of spring till late antumn, provided it gets moisture and nutrition. So the spring season is welcomed with lots of freshness, beauty and greenery.
  • No matter whether you want to beautify your lawn or athletic field, its leaf blades are smooth and stiff which hair in its base to enhance the overall charm.
  • What is your reaction on seeing a sight of a field where golf or a baseball is in progress? You naturally feel excited even more because of its silky and carpet like grass. Yes, this quality grass do wonders for sports like these. However, if there is too much foot movement, then it might take its toll on the grass too.
  • Soil may have different conditions in terms of being sandy, acidic, alkaline or clay-filled, this quality specie of grass knows how to adapt with all.
  • In a drought like conditions, Zoysia sod works well to adapt itself by colouring its straw which regains to its greenery in the presence of water.
  • Zoysia grass sod is indeed tolerant to salt and it can survive in the conditions which have comparably high concentration of salt such as that of sandy beaches, but here it is important to mention that there should be sufficient drainage too.
  • Zoysia grass sod is smart as it knows to extract moisture even from deeper areas unlike other species of grass. Indeed, it offers a great way to have the grass which does all the hard-work itself.
  • The grass is known for regaining its freshness, greenery and magic in warmer surroundings. As the temperature dips and there is a shade, then it turns brown though. However, with the arrival of the spring, you can see its magnificent beauty, as it turns from brown to green again.
  • During dry days or conditions of drought, it is very tolerant, but the moment there is proper watering, then it turns brown. Hence, it offers a positive sign that it required very less maintenance. 

Final thoughts

Through making the proper choice in the form of Zoysia grass sod, I am able to re-live my lost surroundings. I literally feel that there is beauty in the air. There is greenery, freshness, a sense of spark, charisma and ofcourse positivity, while I get all the attention from my neighbours as well. It is easy on my pocket and so its maintenance and I am enjoying myself. You deserve the best too. Have it and feel what right decision at the right time can actually do in filling your life with happiness, excitement and jubilance.

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