New Recipe Ideas for Garden Vegetables

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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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This tray of vegetable lox and bagels uses all the traditional ingredients, except for the smoked fish. 
Cucumbers blended with fresh basil and lemon juice made for a surprising and energizing drink.
Parsley puffs proved this ordinary herb is more than just a garnish.
A plate of avocado toast points makes a delicious breakfast snack.
This tray of vegetable lox and bagels uses all the traditional ingredients, except for the smoked fish. Click To Enlarge

This tray of vegetable lox and bagels uses all the traditional ingredients, except for the smoked fish. 

Photo: Jodi Torpey

Before a talk I gave at the Denver Botanic Gardens recently, attendees were treated to tables of breakfast snacks prepared by members of Slow Food Denver. This group is all about connecting people through growing food and enjoying it in new ways.

All of the gardeners who were sampling healthy vegetable snacks discovered a handful of new recipe ideas to try at home. Ordinary garden vegetables and herbs, like cucumbers, carrots, parsley and cilantro, became special treats when used in completely different ways.

The cucumber juice appetizer may have been the most surprising. Cucumbers were blended together with fresh basil and lemon juice to create an especially tasty concoction.

Another surprise was the plate of vegetable lox and bagels. This traditional breakfast used carrots instead of smoked fish for the main ingredient. Carrots were sliced thinly and marinated in miso, nori (dried edible seaweed) and liquid smoke. Then the carrots were baked in a hot oven before being allowed to cool and stored in the fridge.

There was a special parsley dish, too, because vegetable gardeners typically plant parsley, but then struggle to find ways to use it in recipes. Instead of a garnish, the herb was chopped and mixed together with potatoes to stuff puff pastry before baking.

My favorite Slow Food breakfast snack was the plate of avocado toast. I loved the taste and texture of the toast points that were smeared with mashed avocado mixed with chipotle chiles, cilantro and lime. The sprinkling of crumbles of cotija cheese made it extra appealing.

All of these recipes encouraged me to think a little differently about the vegetables and herbs I'm growing in my garden this season. Now I'm inspired to try these recipes and even invent some of my own.


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Posted: 9:50 am on May 19th
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Posted: 5:56 am on May 18th
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