5 Tips for a Tidier Garden

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Keeping everything tidy is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your life and to reduce stress, as well as to make your home and garden look much more appealing. When you're cleaning up your house, many people forget to clean up their garden as well, but it's really highly important – a tidy garden can add quite a bit to the visual appeal and even the overall market value of a home. As a result of this importance, you should pay attention to keeping your garden neat and tidy on a daily basis.

If you're looking to keep your garden tidy for the whole year, here are 5 super tips to make it easy and fun.

1. Keep Your Plants Well Trimmed

A common cause of an untidy garden is sprawling plants, whose branches and vines can make gardens dim and difficult to navigate. It's a simple process – you just need to clip off any vines and branches that look like they might encroach into the clear areas of your garden. It's best to do this frequently to catch vines and branches when they are still young and thin, as cutting thicker, older vines and branches after they are left to grow will be more difficult for you and more damaging to the plants. Here are some tips.

2. Weed Regularly and Carefully

Keeping your garden free of weeds is a constant struggle, but it is one of the most important parts of gardening, both for keeping the garden tidy and keeping your plants healthy. The old fashioned method of weed removal is simply pulling them out by the root, but you could also try commercial weed killer solutions such as sprays and powders, or homespun weed killers like pouring boiling water over them.

3. Clean and Arrange Your Tools

Another common cause of a cluttered looking garden is having dirty, rusty garden tools scattered all about the place. To avoid this, and to keep their valuable garden tools sheltered from rain and the elements, many people will build or purchase a small garden shed. These are very inexpensive, and you can even purchase sheds that are specially constructed to allow vines to grow up the sides. You can even grow plants on top of some sheds. This can add another dimension of attractiveness to your garden.

4. Regularly Sweep and Clean Your Patio

A dirty patio is a common cause of an unattractive garden area, but most patios are quite easy to clean with a simple broom and a garden hose. For tougher kinds of dirt like mold and stuck on gum, you can rent a steam cleaner.

5. Sort your Bin Area

Your bin is where all the rubbish in your home goes and if you're like many of us you will have 2-4 bins outside your home. Organising them and placing them in a tidy bin storage area can really help ensure things are neat and tidy - why not take a look at http://www.wheeliebinstorage.co.uk for ideas.

6. Clean and Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can easily become decrepit and unattractive, so you should regularly scrub any metal or wooden objects and launder any cloth items to prevent them from ruining the appearance of your garden area.

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