7 Apartment Patio Gardening Tips

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An apartment garden can be a great thing and offer you the benefits of a green area, even in the smallest space. Here are some great tips on making the most of it.

1. Start With Good Compost


If you want to have a good garden you need to start by using the best growing medium. The soil you use will play a major role in the success of your plants. This is especially true in a closed system garden. Since you are planting in containers, the plants do not have the natural mineralization they would find if planted in the ground. 


It is important to start your patio garden with good soil. Plants require nutrients in order to grow. Compost contains the nutrients necessary for strong growth. If you don't use the right soil, you will start to see signs of nutrient deficiency in your plants and they will fail to thrive.


Compost does three things for your plants. It stays loose to allow for root growth. It holds moisture so that the plant does not dry out. And, if holds beneficial fungi and microbes that are needed for plant growth.


2. Use Big Planters


Small containers can cause a problem with your plant's roots. If the container is not big enough, the roots will be crowded which can stress the plant. This can cause stunted growth and smaller yields. That means less food for you.


The best size planter size is 1 gallon or more. A 1-gallon pot is perfect for herbs, lettuce, and other fast-growing greens, which don't require a lot of soil. For a tomato plant, a 3 gallon, or larger, pot would be best. Remember that if renting you apartment you will need to remove these big planters and use apartment cleaning services to ensure the space is tidy when you leave. 


3. Buy Light Colored Pots. But Don't Buy Clay


Pots do not hold a lot of soil. On a hot day, the temperature inside the pot can increase to the point that is can bake the roots. A baked root is a dead root. Light colored pots can help keep the soil and plants cooler. 


Clay pots are not good for your patio garden because they tend to weep water. This can dry out the soil. Clay also holds heat well, which means it can heat up and might bake the roots. Choose a light colored plastic pot to reduce the chance of damaging your plant's roots.


4. Plant Small Plants


You probably don't have much space on your patio. So it's important to choose plants that require a small amount of space. Plants start small, but some can get very big. If a plant grows too big and takes up too much space, it may end up damaging your other plants, by blocking sunlight. You can get a good yield from small plants. Lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, beans, carrots, arugula, and peas are small plants that are highly productive. 


5. Interplant


If you plant two different plants in close proximity to each other, you can save space and maximize your yield. Some plants benefit from being near each other. For example, beans and tomatoes work well together. Plant lettuce with onions, marigolds with tomatoes, beans with potatoes, basil with tomatoes, and spinach with carrots. You'll be surprised how well these plants can co-exist. You'll also notice an increase in the yield for each plant. Interplanting is a great way to save space and boost the amount of food you get from each plant.


6. Water Often


This may seem like a no-brainer. However, many people don't consider how fast a potted plant can dry out. In a traditional garden, the soil retains a certain amount of moisture, so it does not need water as often as your patio garden. 


Your plants need a glass or two of water every day, around the base of the plant. The water is absorbed by the roots, nutrients are absorbed and the leaves are filled with water. A hydrated plant will grow faster and produce a high yield of fruits or vegetables. 


7. Look for Deals


There are plenty of deals out there in the gardening sphere if you know what to look for. It's very possible to create a fantastic garden if you know what to look out for and what to plant, as well as if you are a little creative.

Voucher code deals such as those offered from Plusvouchercode can be a great way to save on your plants and ensure your apartment looks fantastic. Alternatively, daily deal sites and also the bargain bin at your local garden centre are worth keeping an eye on.



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