How to Maintain Annual Flowers and Plants? Here are some Gardening Strategies

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Annual? Yes, Annual plants are plants having one year life cycle. Their life cycle includes certain steps like growing from seed, blooming, producing seeds and last die; all in one growing season. Afterwards, they get replanted in spring. Famous annual flowers are petunias, cosmos, corn flower, impatiens etc. Gardening can be a troublesome thing sometimes. These plants and flowers also need to be treated well. Providing proper care will result in healthier plants that last long and attract people. But how to maintain them? Be ready for the needful gardening tips :

Deadheading : Deadheading tends to remove dead flowers either to improve the appearance of a plant or for more flowering growth. How does it help to annual flowers? Most annual flowers will continue to bloom throughout the growing season. It will keep the plants look tidy and prolong the period of blooming. Start deadheading flowers while you notice the flowers fade and petals wither all over. Remove stem part and collect faded flower. Then, you'll surely get seed pods. 

Unlike some flowers, you'll think your work is done after removing petal parts. Indeed not, it's not done. Seed pod still remains. You can pinch off the flowers with stems through help of fingers. You can use pruners to pluck more stubborn flowers. After deadheading, flowers won't wither early and lovely blooms become ready to be delivered. You can deliver flowers to florists and instruct them to make bouquets in desirable pattern. Moyses Flowers deliver a huge variety of cut flowers. If you want any changes, their flower experts can make necessary changes and create bespoke bouquets. 

Staking : Staking plants is an activity of fitting branches and bamboos with garden plants rather than wooden stakes. Staking early is a necessity while after seeding it reaches to a few tall. You can guide the stems to grow upward right from the start and tie them at certain intervals along with it as they grow. Tie stems to bamboo stakes, wooden stakes and sturdy woody branches. You can use twin or twist ties for light plants with sturdy stems like cosmos and cornflower and for large-flowered plants, use plastic garden tape. Botanists advise to stake early to have good growth in plants.

Pinching : Pinch your plants while they are (before long stems development) young. Remove growth of tip by pinching or plucking a set of leaves. You should pinch upright and side stems to give them a good shape. When you have a vast amount of plants, pinch the tallest one back so that they do not shoot up their neighbour one. 

Pruning : Well-known word in botanology is pruning, which is a process of cutting back plants to keep them within boundaries to set bushier growth. It is rare for annuals to need pruning. Floppy, trimmed rangy stems need to be under control so pruning needs the most for them. Make the cut intelligently. Prefer to cut above a set of leaves or on a side to give them bushiness and new buds.

Mulching : Mulching is a technique to cover the soil. Mulching annual garden shorts the water amount that needs to control weeds. The soil is cooled by the coating of the top layer with materials. Garden's look depends on the material. As long as the material is attractive, you'll have clean, catchy look of a garden. Mulch layer will also help in irrigation tubes. The mulching schedule will depend on types of annuals that you grow. Mulching applies to prevent the evaporation of moisture, the growth of weeds and the freezing of roots. It works as a protective cover.

Your work is not done after digging a plant. After digging, the important part is to maintain. It takes much efforts in maintenance. Maintain your plants for healthy surrounding and beautiful garden full of colorful blooms.

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Comments (3)

Maria Maroon writes: I wonder if it is different from one country to another?

University of Jordan
Posted: 3:04 pm on November 25th
Maria Maroon writes: I wonder if it is different from one country to another?

Posted: 3:04 pm on November 25th
Maria Maroon writes: Hi,
I wonder if it is different from one country to another?

Posted: 3:03 pm on November 25th
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