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Anyone growing gooseberries???

comments (1) August 5th, 2009

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JadaE JadaE, member
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I am slowly turning my backyard into an "edible landscape", so I don't want to waste any space where something yummy can grow!  One side of my yard is partially shaded from my neighbor's wooded area, and it appears that gooseberries do well in partial shade.  Before I try to grow something totally new, I would love to hear any advice that you pros might could offer!  Would full sun be better?  Any problems with pests or birds?  Thanks for any experience you can share! :)

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gardeningnancy writes: Gooseberry bushes were present in the yard/home that we moved into 13 years ago. I am in zone 5/6 in Michigan and the gooseberries are in full sun during the morning and afternoon. I do NOTHING special to/with them and they grow very well. They increase in width and will self layer for new plants. They do have thorns so they are not in the open path areas. The berries ripen from a translucent green (sour taste) to a deep purple (sweet). Some years I do nothing with the berries and they fall off. Other years I have made jelly, berry crisp, syrup and eaten them right off the bush (even the green ones). The only negative I have to say is that each berry is about the size of a blueberry, with a stem on one end and a dried/faded flower remnant on the other. Cleaning them for some types of recipes is time consuming. But, that said, I've kept them for all these years and am not getting rid of them. No problems with bugs, birds, diseases, etc either.
Posted: 11:19 am on September 2nd
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