Dine in the garden? Why not!

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Outdoor dining room
Outdoor dining table
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Outdoor dining room

There's no place like home – especially if the said home has a lovely garden to go with gorgeous interiors. If you're one of the lucky homeowners blessed with a spacious backyard, you should make use of its potentials to the fullest, and designing a charming dining area al fresco is a great way to start. And while you're busying about dressing up the garden dining area, you might as well spare a green thought for Mother Nature and pick outdoor furniture and accessories that fit the eco-friendly bill. If you're looking to set the dining room al fresco on the sustainable track, check out these cool ideas and create a snug, green meal serving haven in your garden.


Natural Materials That Cut Both Ways

Eco-friendly materials are a hot trend in the world of outdoor furniture, and reclaimed timber, stone, bamboo, rattan, and wicker are leading the green garden gear wagon. Instead of cashing out a small fortune for plastic dining tables and seating, upcycle discarded wooden furnishings by sanding the surface to conceal minor dents and signs of old age and applying a fresh coat of paint or varnish. Rattan and wicker furniture is also a convenient option for homeowners who want to achieve a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor design. When shopping for outdoor furniture online, keep an eye out for eco-friendly tables, chairs, loungers, and benches that require little maintenance, and pick durable materials that won't wear easily if exposed to an odd bout of ill weather and intense sunlight.


A Garden Palette Fit for Royal Dinners

Another cool way to dial up the aesthetics of your garden-based dining area without breaking the bank is to use palette furnishings to create a laid-back rustic look. Palettes are a hot outdoor furniture trend these days, and they will blend in any given backdrop, from lavish pool lounges to cozy dining nooks perched next to a DIY greenhouse or herb garden. On top of cost-efficiency and casual charm, palette furniture is modular and reusable, which only adds to its functional versatility and long lifespan granted proper maintenance and protection from the elements.


'Where' Is Vital for Viable Garden Design

The choice of furniture will also depend on the spot you're aiming to transform into the dining room al fresco. For sheltered spots such as roof-covered patios and verandas extending out to a DIY garden, furniture made from sensitive wood types is a viable option, but areas exposed to the whim of Mother Nature will call for sturdier sustainable materials such as granite, limestone, and marble tabletops and resilient wood varieties topped by a water-resistant coat of varnish or paint. To stay on the safe side of garden dining, it would be a wise idea to pick seating and tables that can be moved to the guest room or living area when the weather takes a turn for the rainy or snowy.


Dress the Table to Express and Impress

When it comes to sustainable table arrangements that will make your outdoor dining area look stylish with a minimal price tag to go with peak aesthetic value, your options spring endless. A recyclable tablecloth or a suave runner crafted from eco-friendly materials will provide a chic backdrop for candle-lit dinners on long summer nights. Bamboo and rope placemats, coasters, and pot holders are another cost-efficient addition to the sustainable table al fresco, and they will add a cute natural touch to your garden-based dining area. To round off the eco-friendly dinnerware, set the table with biodegradable napkins and cutlery sets crafted from bamboo, palm leaf, or sugarcane, and add a clay vase with a bunch of fresh flowers as a final centerpiece touch.

When choosing the furniture and tableware for your garden-based dining area, let sustainability and lasting charm be your guide. After all, there's no better way to celebrate a bountiful herb or vegetable harvest than by savoring a refreshing cocktail reclined in a wooden chair in the shade of verdant garden greenery. Bon appétit!

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