Security Tips For Your Garden, Garden Shed And Garage

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A lot of us have spent a lot of time and effort securng the house part of our homes but overlook the garden area. For those of us who keep our tools, lawnmowers and other outdoor items in our garages or sheds it's pivotal to have some good quality security in place and know what we're up to. 

So, is your backyard shed or garage up to its task of guarding your valuable garden equipment and tools? This checklist can help you figure that out. 

How To Secure Your Garden Shed and Garage From Burglary 

Before you go out to buy expensive alarms or locks for your garden tool shed, take a good look at the building itself. 

For example, is the roof in reasonable shape? Some burglars will lift up a flimsy roof in order to reach tools inside a shed. 

Crime like this is as big of a problem in the North West region around Seattle and Portland, Oregan as it is in places in Texas and Florida. It's nationwide. 

So, make sure the door is also in good repair, a new padlock or stronger hinges will do no good if the intruder can simply kick in a panel of the door that is weak or rotting. If you have a garage door, ensuring it's in good shape is pivotal and if it's not get in touch with your local locksmith.

Use coach or clutch-head screws on the hinges of the shed door as well as the latch and hasp. These screws are harder than others to be unscrewed. You can also double up on the padlocks. Place one at a third from the top, and another at a third from the bottom. 

Look for padlocks with a closed shackle for extra security. They don't have much of the metal loop exposed, making them harder to break into with bolt cutters. 

If your garden shed has windows, make sure they are obscured so that potential thieves cannot see what treasures may be inside. Consider covering them with fleece, an old curtain, or even foil or bubble wrap. Laminated glass is also harder to break, so consider installing it or a layer of security mesh to the outside. 

Keep Tools and Other Equipment Secure In Your Shed 

If a burglar does make their way into your shed, ensure that they have as much difficulty carting off your equipment as possible. Link heavy items together using a chain and a padlock. For example, chain your lawn mower to your barbecue grill, and chain that to a stack of lawn chairs. This ensures it is difficult to drag anything away quickly. Here are some good tips.

Does your shed have a base made from concrete? Consider installing anchor bolts into the concrete and chain your equipment to them using a padlock. 

Always keep your tools, bikes, and equipment of value put away whenever you aren't actually using them. Burglars can even use inexpensive but handy garden tools to break into your home for more valuable items. 

Make sure you also mark your tools and equipment. Use a UV pen so the details are not readily apparent or use an engraving tool to mark metal handles or panels. 

It may seem inconvenient to put away your garden furniture every night during the summer when they are being used often, so check your insurance policy. It may or may not cover items that are left out in a garden.

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