The Benefits of Both Real VS. Fake Flowers

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Here are the five main benefits to using real flowers as well as the top five benefits of using fake flowers:


Benefits of Using Real Flowers


Since they are real, real flowers obviously look more authentic. It is true that from far away it can be a not difficult to notice much physical difference between the fake flowers and the real ones, however once you get closer, not only do look richer they feel richer as well. 


Being as they are not mass produced, each flower is quite individually unique. The shape and size of a real flower will vary more than fake flowers. An extra sense of originality and pizzazz is added to decorations because of this. 


A florist can actually blend a flower arrangement together. Real flowers are better at filling in gaps in a bouquet than fake flowers are. 


As opposed to fake flowers which have no scent, real flowers have a scent to them. Walking into a room filled with the scent of flowers is something everyone can appreciate. 


Although real flowers will eventually die, they are cheaper to purchase than the top of the line fake flowers are, so the upfront price for real flowers is less than for quality fake flowers. 


Benefits of Using Fake Flowers


When using fake flowers to decorate, you do not have to be concerned with them looking dreary. They always look fresh and alive for the entire event. Look at these ones from Shelf Edge


When it comes to transporting fake flowers, you will not have to worry about cold weather. If real flowers are not properly covered, they begin to lose their lust, however fake flowers can be placed just about anywhere and remain the same.


Being as you would not have to deal with water, it is a lot easier to transport fake flowers over real ones. You do not have to worry that from point A to point B there will be any water spillage or leakage. 


In the long run, fake flowers are the most cost effective choice. They are a good future investment being as they can be used over and over again. 


On a day such as your wedding, you want as many keepsakes as possible. Fake flowers would be a great keepsake as they will not wilt and you can hold onto them forever. 


Making a decision on whether to use fake or real flowers can be a tough one. When making this decision, keep the temperature as well as transportation options in mind. Ask yourself which benefits outweigh the others, that will help you best decide whether fake flowers or real flowers are the best choice for you.

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