How to Get Started Writing a Gardening Blog

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Do you love gardening and want to share your knowledge and love with others? If so, you may want to begin a gardening blog. If you have a computer and a few minutes to spare, you can set up a blog and begin sharing your knowledge with others. If you want your blog to be successful, you will need to do more than post a few updates. You will need to share little-known knowledge or specialize in a niche topic that will set your gardening blog apart from other blogs. Finally, you will want to fill your blog with good design principles, solid SEO practices and amazing content to help you reach a more diverse audience and increase traffic to your blog. 


The first portion of this article will teach you how to design and develop your gardening blog. The second part contains interviews from three successful bloggers and their tips and insights on how to design, developed and write a professional blog. Check out each of their blogs for more information. Both sections of this article are filled with the latest techniques to drive traffic to your blog site and maximize your profits. 


Why Do You Want to Start a Gardening Blog? 


Most bloggers who are successful find a niche that they are passionate about. If you do not love the topic, you will not write well or have valuable information to share. Furthermore, you will begin dreading writing posts for your blog. once you have decided on a topic, you must set long-term and short-term goals. 


When it comes to blogs, there are many options that can set you apart from the competition. Some blogs focus on sharing information while others offer online classes. Many people begin a blog because they do not agree with common practices in the industry and want to help make changes by spurring others into action. No matter your reason for starting a blog, you need to find a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. 


Choosing a Niche 


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of gardening blogs on the internet that you will be competing with. Additionally, many of these blogs are run by television networks and well-known magazines. For this reason, you must specialize in a niche that is not covered to help drive traffic to your blog. 


Narrowing Down Your Topic and Specialization 


When you are deciding on a niche, you can actually narrow your topic down so far that it impedes your efforts. For example, a blog on container gardening is great; however, a blog on growing tomatoes in a container can be too limited and you will not be able to provide quality information for a long period of time. 


You will also want to choose a topic that you know really well. You will be posting information regularly, so you must have a well of information stored up to draw from. 


Check out the competition before deciding on a niche. Is the blog world overwhelmed by blogs similar to yours? If so, try to come up with a different niche. 


Designing a Blog Is Important 


Close you eyes and imagine you are an internet visitor looking at two different blogs that have the same information. One site is crisp, clean and easy to find the information you need. The other site is hard to navigate and contains so many graphics that it takes a long time to load. Which site are you going to continue visiting? The one that loads quickly and has easy to find information, right? 


Your pages should load quickly, the text should contrast with your background without hurting your viewers eyes and should be easy to navigate. 


Your blog's landing page is the most important page. If your visitor cannot quickly and easily find the information they are looking for, they will leave your site and never return. 


How to Increase Your Blog's Web Traffic 


After you get your blog set up, you will want to begin learning how to drive traffic to your gardening blog. One of the easiest ways to do this is to share your blog posts on a variety of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Additionally, make it easy to share your posts with others by installing sharing widgets to a variety of popular social media websites. 


In the beginning, your blog will be visited by your friends and family members. Ask them to share each post with their friends and followers to help you gain momentum and secure more internet traffic. 


When you begin a blog, it is important to remind people to visit your blog. You can do this with a quick email or sharing each individual post on your social media outlets. 


What is Search Engine Optimization? 


You will find a number of articles that talk about Search engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is website practices and principles that help you rank higher on the search results from the top internet search providers including Google, Yahoo and Bing. When you utilize SEO properly, it will increase the amount of traffic your website gets. Read the following SEO good practices tips for more advice. 


Keyword Research


You can help drive traffic to your website by researching what others are searching for. 


Use Keywords Naturally


Many bloggers try to stuff their article full of keywords or use them unnaturally. The algorithms used have become smarter and no longer consider these black hat SEO practices. 


Publish content regularly and ensure that it contains no grammatical or spelling errors. When Google is checking out blog or website, a well-written post with information not shared elsewhere will set you apart from others and improve your ranking. 


Think Like a Visitor When you are coming up with keywords, think of words or phrases the average visitor would be searching for and use them throughout your article. 


Use social media to gain followers - it can be a very powerful tool. Bloggers in the garden blogging sphere should consider using photogaphy heavy means. Facebook is good, but SnapChat and Instagram deserve special mention. Instagram can be a great way to draw visitors and looking popular is important. Buying Instagram views and followers can give this impression and hlp your blog and its social media become a run away success.


Finally, because most people rely on mobile devices to scour the internet, your blog should be mobile friendly. This not only will attract more visitors but it will also increase your Google rank.

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