From Organic Living to Bringing the Outside in: Hot New Kitchen Trends for 2016

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Organically grown vegetables are now part of a significant kitchen trend in 2016.
Living feature walls help you to successfully bring the outside in.
Organically grown vegetables are now part of a significant kitchen trend in 2016.Click To Enlarge

Organically grown vegetables are now part of a significant kitchen trend in 2016.


As technology in the kitchen has improved and appliances are now more clever and automated than ever, it is the perfect time to get on board with these new kitchen design trends. Over the last few generations, there has been a huge leap in the market for kitchen gadgets, and now it is simply a pleasure to cook and bake in the kitchen as our lives are a lot easier! As well as that kitchen designs have developed and there are now certain fashion must-haves you need to have in the kitchen.

Healthy kitchen gadgets


Since the birth of gadgets like the spiralizer, where you can pretty much turn all your vegetables into carbohydrate lookalikes, the kitchen has had to evolve to support these healthy diet changes. Now steamers and steam ovens are the new rage and indoor gardens are inbuilt into your kitchen units so that you can access all your home-grown organic vegetables and herbs right there in your kitchen.


Retro and bright colours

Modern kitchen design trends are now using bold colours to bring the kitchen alive. These bright colours can be tactfully incorporated into the appliances you buy, for example in these new on-trend kitchens you will often you will see a vintage red Smeg fridge in the corner. That retro feel is the desired kitchen design right now, and you can capture this look by updating your kitchen units with replacement kitchen doors to ones which are more stylish and will compliment these bright colours.

Brass and copper

The metal ware in your kitchen can easily be brought up to fashion date by changing them for brass or copper, for example the taps in your sinks, lighting, range hoods or kitchen accessories. They are becoming a timeless and elegant classic as they mould well into most kitchen designs.

Creative lighting

Lots of kitchen units can now have inbuilt LED lighting around their edges so as to light up what's inside the cupboard, this makes your life a lot easier as well when you're trying to find something quickly! Funky lighting is a growing favourite and definitely adds a different layer to your kitchen as the light affects how your appliances look. You can also get different coloured LED lighting which changes as the time of day progresses so as to always suit your moods.

Open storage

People are no longer afraid to show what they have in their cupboards, in fact it has become more popular to have open shelving and storage so as to create the feeling of more openness. It also encourages better organisation in the kitchen as people can't just stuff things away to sort out later! It also creates more of a platform to show off your personality as visitors can see what kind of foods and cookery books you are interested in.

Keeping up to date with interior designs can be quite tricky, but right now with the above advice you won't have to be updating your kitchen that regularly as this retro type of design will always be timeless

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